A lot of people ask me for advice on how to cut their bangs.

Before cutting, we need to assess the frizz and condition of the curls, as well as the bulk and the design of the style. Both are equally important.

Let's start off with face framing. The bang area is like the curtain of the stage, or the most important part of the design, where individual curls must be taken into account. Never stretch hair down and cut curly hair - this is guesswork and you will hate the result. To cut the bangs, try styling your hair as best as you can controlling the frizz and curls. Curl Keeper® will control your curls without adding weight. Allow your bangs to hang over your face the way gravity lets it fall.

When your hair starts to dry, cut the individual ringlet that shapes your face. Allow for shrinkage…a curl needs to wrap around itself two and half times in order to make a ringlet.

Remember, curly hair is weather permitting and humidity effects the curl of the day. Test the length before you make your first cut to make sure that when pulled back it fits in a ponytail or behind your ear.