In 1990, frustrated with my inability to decrease the bulkiness of curly hair, I started to investigate the techniques needed to solve this problem. What I found was that the only process available at the time was to use traditional thinning scissors. There had to be a better way since thinning the hair increases frizz and kills the formation of ringlets. In 1991, I perfected my own method of reducing bulkiness. I called it the Tunnel Cut. The Tunnel Cut is a controlled technique in which carefully selected pieces of hair are removed from the bulkiest section(s) of the head. I start off by playing with the hair to find out where the hair is most dense, looking for natural parts, and the natural direction of hair growth. This information is vital so that the tunnels will always remain invisible to everyone even when you want to wear your hair up or blow dry it straight. Using this process, I am able to locate the same tunnels in three to four months when it is time to re-cut the hair. Cutting the tunnels in the same place every time will avoid over cutting and the over thinning of your hair. It certainly is a dramatic difference from the old process of bulk removal using thinning shears.

The Tunnel Cut allows people to get over the uncomfortable stages of growing out their hair. As your hair reaches the desired length, certain tunnels are no longer needed. The unnecessary tunnels can easily grow in comfortably and invisibly without any style change.

The Tunnel Cut has allowed thousands of people to achieve their dream of having long hair. The wonderful side effect of bulk reduction is that their hair suddenly begins to bounce and move around--freely.

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