3 Quick Curly Hair Updo’s
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3 Quick Curly Hair Updo’s

With Valentine’s Day around the corner ladies, don’t stress about having a sweet curly hairstyle for your sweetheart. Enter Gossip Curls to the rescue! We were able to sit in on a few styling session with Curly Hair Institute curl expert Nicky. She gave us some great insights that we would love to share with all of you on some classy curly hair updo’s you can do yourself!

Wet Styling:

After skip curling the curl, scrunch it and put the clips in. Then diffuse it for about 5-7 minutes. If you are unsure of how to skip your curls, view steps here for our Skip Curl Technique. Once you take the clips out, diffuse your hair by flipping it to each side and then forward for maximum volume from the ends to the root. Once dry shake it out and style!

#1 – Simple Casual Up-do 
1. Take all your hair and sweep it to one side up behind the ear and pin it in place.

2. Twist it backward and pin it up in place. Let some of the hair fall down but not too much. Then pin pieces in place to make it extra secure.

#2 – Classy Twist Up-do 

1. Flip your hair forward and gather half of your hair up together as if you were to put it into a pony tail. While head still bent forward, twist that section you grabbed into a loose bun.

2. As you sit back upright grab the other half (which would be in the front) and twist it around the back half. Pin it in place.

3. If you notice any pieces on the sides that are sticking out, just pull them back and pin them in place. This style requires only a small amount of pins, so not only is it easy to put together but also quick to take apart. To make this curly hair style more dressy add a flower or sparkly pin to the side.



#3 – Elegant Half Up Half Down 
1. Group a large section from the crown of your head, leaving hair on the sides and the bottom half. Twist this section around itself close to the root around your finger and loosely pinning it on the top.

2. Take the two side sections that aren’t twisted and loosely continue wrapping it around the first twisted bun and pinning it in place. This will give you some fullness at the top. To keep the front clean, as you take one of the side sections and pull it around to the back pinning it on the opposite side, make sure the front hairs are smooth. Do this to both sides using lots of pins to secure it.

3. Now is your chance to make a statement with this style and add a dressy hair clip. You also have the option of sweeping the half down part to the side to change it up throughout the night.