About Jonathan Torch

Without the innovative talents of Jonathan Torch, there would be no Curly Hair Solutions®.

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“You don’t have to cut your hair in order to keep it healthy” 
- Jonathan Torch

“You don’t have to cut your hair in order to keep it healthy”

Solving individual curl problems was the spark that evolved into Curly Hair Solutions® and lead to the creation of the Curl Keeper® Styling Collection. This is where it all began. Creating a series of treatments that would perform 100% of the time, on every curly head, in all weather conditions, without the use of silicones was the goal. Controlling curly hair should be as easy as adding water to your hair to control frizziness. Creating products that are therapeutically effective in strengthening, softening and controlling dry frizzy hair using generous amounts of high performing, silicone free ingredients was not easy. It required years of research, thousands of curly haired volunteers' honest input and feedback, and dedicated chemists. Jonathan's salon, The Curly Hair Institute, boasts a huge clientele of curly headed individuals — each one with different curly headed personalities.

Jonathan soon realized that the pH balance of curly hair was the key to controlling the most unruly frizzy hair. He believes that perfect hair should have a pH of 4.5 to 5.5. pH is a measure of acidity or alkalinity. It is used as a scale of matching our environment to our body. Curly Hair Solutions® products all have been acid balanced to maintain the perfect pH of healthy hair. This results in healthier, shinier and more controllable hair every time. These products are safe for everyday use and never build up. They will enhance rich colour tones and maintain all chemical hair services (colouring, perming and relaxing). Find out What's In It For You!

Take a closer look with us as we sit down with Jonathan to learn about his journey on how he got to be the curly hair pioneer he is today. 


Click the videos below to view some of Jonathans popular cutting techniques and a quick history of why he became one of North America’s most respected curl experts.

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