Curl Defining How To for Tight Curlies
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Curl Defining How To for Tight Curlies

Anyone with tight or kinky and frizzy curls knows how important it is to find the right products to keep her hair looking great. You want definition, maybe some volume, and most of all, you don’t want your frizz to get out of control, and ruining your whole look. The four curly hair products from the Kinky Curly Kit are formulated to give you exactly that — well-defined curls that remain lightweight and bouncy while holding up to humidity and fighting frizz.

As you can see in my “before” picture, with absolutely no product on my freshly cleansed and dry hair, you can see some curl pattern, but also a ton of frizz and no definition. Whereas when my hair is wet, the curl formation is much more defined and elongated.


1. After shampooing, I applied the Pure Silk Protein to my wet hair while in the shower and left it on for several minutes. It has a thick consistency and a light, pleasant scent. It rinsed away clean, leaving behind soft hair that is wonderfully conditioned.

2. Next, I applied the Curl Keeper Leave-In Conditioner. I sectioned my hair into four parts and applied the conditioner to each, raking my fingers, and the product, through my hair for even distribution. This product has enough slip so that I was able to detangle with only my fingers; I didn’t need to use a comb at all. It is a light product, so my hair didn’t feel weighed down.

3. Still working in sections, I applied the Curl Keeper Original. This water-based product is also lightweight, pleasantly scented and leaves behind a silky, clean feeling. It also provides a ton of frizz control to combat the most unruly manes.

4. Finally, I applied the Curl Keeper Styling Cream, which is a thick and creamy product that adds a degree of softness to your curls without making them frizzy.

After all the products were applied, my curls were extremely well-defined and silky. I usually give my hair a good shake here and there to help it dry more quickly.

It took several hours for my hair to completely dry, and then I hit it with a combination of warm and cool air from a diffuser dryer for about five minutes, for added volume. My curls came out light, bouncy and very well-defined. I was pleasantly surprised to have experienced no flaking at all! My curls were slightly crunchy once completely dry, but that was very easy to scrunch out.

For women with thick hair like mine, I definitely recommend applying the products in sections to make sure you reach all the hair strands. Take your time and rake them through either with your fingers, a comb or plastic-bristle brush. Also, don’t touch your hair as it’s drying. Once your hair is dry or nearly dry, a few minutes of cool air from a diffuser can add volume if that’s what you want.

This is a great kit for anyone with tight and/or kinky curls because it helps to define your curl pattern while also cutting down on frizz. I tried these products out during a rainy period in a very humid climate and my hair stayed defined and frizz-free for the next couple of days. Yes, my second- and third-day hair was a bit “bigger,” but I experienced virtually no frizz while my curls stayed very defined. I am one happy curly after having tried these products!