5 Simple ways you can get the lowest bargains during the holiday season
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5 Simple ways you can get the lowest bargains during the holiday season

‘Tis the season to stock up on your favorite curly hair products, and try new ones for the coming holiday parties and year ahead to get those perfect curls!

Although busy shoppers are mostly hunting for gifts to give others at this time of year, they shouldn’t forget to treat themselves in the process. Hair products aren’t exempt from the array of holiday steals and deals — the abundance of coupons, discounts and special holiday gift packs make it worth your while to do some serious product shopping for you in December while shopping for everyone else!

Need to restock some of your holy grail conditioners? Always wanted to try that high-tech diffuser but just couldn’t justify the price? Has your favorite company’s new product offering caught your eye, but you just haven’t gotten around to buying it yet? Here’s how you can take advantage of the last three weeks of the year to do all of the above — and more.

Look for e-coupons and promo codes from your favorite product lines
With people in the mood to shop for the holidays, manufacturers take advantage by offering some of their best deals around this time of year. Discounts of 25percent, 30 percent, or more are plentiful, and customers should make sure to sign up for companies’ email list to make sure they don’t miss a great promotion.

Brick-and-mortar store deals
Good old newspaper coupons haven’t gone out of style. Department stores and big box beauty retailers often offer paper coupons in addition to e-discounts to bring more shoppers into their stores. If you’re a member of a store loyalty club or hold a store credit card, you might qualify for additional discounts, decreasing the total cost of those styling creams and high-end conditioners you’ve had your eye on for a while.

Gift packs
Not quite sure if you’re ready to purchase the 16-ounce bottle of that celebrity stylist’s new curl defining lotion? Now is the best time to get it a trial size, along with other products from that line. Gift sets are ideal holiday presents that let givers and receivers try new products along with their old favorites. Companies often bundle sample sizes of multiple products in cute little display boxes to make them gift-ready, creating a commodity that might not be available other times of the year. And sometimes they throw in an extra treat to make it feel like even more of a special gift.

Making your list
Of course, you can put these goodies, and your own go-to products, on your own wish list and hope your family, friends or the Holiday Hair Fairy bestow them on you. You’ve already got a million knit sweaters and fuzzy pajamas – if you’re a product junkie, why not use the holiday season to add to your stash? All you want for the holidays is some great curl definition!

Year-end inventory closeouts
Didn’t quite make it to the shopping center? Spent too much on Black Friday, Cyber Monday and every other day after that? You have one last chance to buy in the days before the new year. Stores and product lines want to clear out their remaining stock to make way for new products, labels and branding, so prices are slashed even more than they were in November and early-to-mid December. I often place big orders around Dec. 30 and clean up on those end-of-year sales.

Happy holidays and happy shopping!