Curly Hair Sins
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Curly Hair Sins

While ghosts and goblins are pretty scary, the only thing haunting me this Halloween, will be these curly hair crimes. Curly girls beware: don’t you dare try these sins on your hair!

1. Touching Your Hair Before It’s Dry

Styling your hair while it’s still wet is the ultimate way to prevent frizzy hair. Adding a styling agent like Curl Keeper holds precious moisture in place, which helps maintain the natural curl formation. In order to allow the styling agent, Curl Keeper, to do its work, you have to treat your hair like a hot stove – do not touch! Once the product is in your hair, manipulating it before its 100% dry will create frizz and prevent the curls from setting properly. Your patience will be rewarded once your hair is dry; you can then can shake, scrunch and play with your curls to soften them and create touchable, luscious frizz free ringlets!

2. Using Too Little Conditioner

No matter how tough the economy gets, a fiscally prudent curly girl will always ensure she budgets for oodles of conditioner. One of the reasons why curly hair is dry is because it takes longer for the natural oils on the scalp to travel down to the ends, causing the lower half to appear dull and frizzy. As a result, curlies need to compensate by adding moisture to their hair, particularly the ends. When conditioning your curls, there is no time to be stingy. Applying an even amount of a deep conditioner like Pure Silk Protein will quench your curls with the moisture it needs.

3. Feeding Your Hair Junk Food

We all know that healthy food creates healthy curls and that concept applies to hair products as well. Poor quality ingredients strip curls of the moisture they so desperately need and add unnecessary chemicals to our bodies. Parabens and phthalates are often added to hair care products but are controversial due to health concerns. Water-insoluble silicones repel water and prevent the absorption of moisture. Avoid these ingredients and stick to the ingredients that are better-for-you such as natural magnesium, silk amino acids and panthenol.

4. Fearing Your Hairdresser

A lot of curlies are trying to grow their hair longer, which makes their hairdresser public enemy number one. However, getting your hair trimmed is essential to allowing it to breathe in more oxygen and moisture. Trims should be scheduled whenever your ends start to show signs of breakage and split ends. Finding a good hairdresser can be tough, but the search is worthwhile to find a hairstylist who understands and embraces your natural curls.

5. Turning up the Heat

Using too much heat is one of the biggest hair sins. Excess heat alters the proteins that give curls their shape. Flat-ironing your hair, even just occasionally can cause serious damage to your curl formations, including breakage. This can result in the damage travelling up the hair shaft with sometimes the only true solution is to chop it off. To minimize the negative effects of heat, use a protein treatment before and after the heat and try and use the lowest temperature setting available. When blow-drying curls, always use a diffuser attachment, which spreads the air around the curl instead of directly on the hair and, as such, prevents heat damage and frizz.

Make sure you and your hair stay out of trouble this Halloween by avoiding these sins and you’ll be rewarded with beautiful curls that will make the ghosts and goblins green with envy!

Written By: Joy Gurr
Joy has been a proud curly girl all her life, that includes the awkward stages of her youth when she would brush her curls (gasp!) resulting in a huge curly puff that could rival any 80’s ‘do. Since then, Joy has tried and tested many, many hair products, styles and cuts to now be a self professed curl connoisseur. Joy is a 9 to 5 working girl living in Ottawa, Canada.