Curly Hair Solutions™ Frizz Control – Curly or Straight
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Curly Hair Solutions™ Frizz Control – Curly or Straight

Whether you wear your hair curly or straight, frizzy hair control is always a priority and will determine whether you have a great style or a style mess. Curly Hair Solutions™ takes pride in solving individual curl scenarios and promises to provide all curly heads with frizz control in all weather conditions whether your hair style is curly or straight. For total frizz control have the confidence to use as much Curly Hair Solutions™ products as necessary to achieve maximum results. Using a generous amount of product will help you combat high humidity and help you deal with fly-away hair. Our water based formulas ensure that there is no build-up or stickiness.  

When styling your hair curly, Curl Keeper™ gives you the ability to eliminate and control frizz while maintaining the curls in all situations, especially humidity. Curl Keeper™ reactivates with water which means your style will last for several days, with just one application. Your hair will dry leaving your curls feeling soft and clean with no product build-up. Curl Keeper™ can be used on all types of curls, from the smallest wave to the tightest African hair. 
When transforming your curly hair into a straight style, you can be sure that ReMane Straight™ will protect your hair from all high heated appliances such as blow dryers and flat irons. It is important to protect your hair from breakage due to overheating and stretching. Using ReMane Straight™ will ensure that your style and hair colour will last longer and be kept brighter.  Most importantly, ReMane Straight™ eliminates frizz for all straight hair styles. To finish off your straight hair style use Tweek™, a hairspray in cream form. Tweek™ will instantly control fly-away hair, hat head and even bed head hair.
Nobody wants a frizzy hair mess. So whether you decide to wear your hair curly or straight be sure to control the frizz and enjoy your gorgeous frizz free style that will last for days!