Dramatic Chop for a Cause
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Dramatic Chop for a Cause

The seeds of change take quite a long time to harvest. It takes huge courage for anyone to make changes in their life and for most people hair change can be the most challenging. There are so many emotional issues that one goes through preparing for a drastic change. Then suddenly, the change happens. You are ready. You want it and you need it.

I have been cutting and styling Cassy’s curls for several years at the Curly Hair Institute. She has always kept her long curly hair in great condition by using the Treatment Shampoo, Slip Detangler and Curl Keeper. When Cassy approached me 6 months ago telling me that she was interested in donating her hair to a cancer charity, I was thrilled to be a part of it. I knew that they would love to receive curly hair for wigs, especially hair that’s in such great condition, for cancer patients going through therapy. When she told me about making this dramatic change, “the big chop,” I was so excited that we decided to shoot a makeover hoping it would inspire others to make the same decision.

Since Cassy has such an active lifestyle I chose a style design that would be easy for her to style and grow out with little to no maintenance. Her natural curl formation would support short curly hair keeping her style neat and tight around the perimeter. This would allow for a more controlled sexy messy style. Since Cassy already uses the Curl Keeper and knows how to use the Roller Jaw Clips to help keep the curls bouncy and full, her new style will be super easy for her to manage.

We spoke with Cassy after her makeover to get an idea of how she felt about the dramatic big chop. Here are her thoughts:

I love my new look. I was very nervous at first as I’ve only ever had long hair, and had wanted to donate my hair for quite some time. I now don’t know why I hadn’t cut it off sooner. It feels like a more accurate representation of who I am. I feel more confident and open like there is no place to hide anymore!

In high school, a girl friend had donated her hair and it instantly became something I wanted to do. Moreover, I often received complements for my long curly hair. But I would always come up with excuses or reasons why I wouldn’t get there, like my hair grows to slowly, I don’t want to look like a boy, I am not confident enough to pull it off, etc. In university, my grandmother got cancer and the chemo/radiation combo resulted in her losing her hair, though at this point my hair wasn’t long enough.

Finally, last month, all of these excuses were null – my hair was long enough for the organization I wanted to donate it to. I realized that I would be proud to rock the boy look if it meant doing it for a good cause, and I had found myself grounded in who I was and knew that this would not rock myself love. I am SO beyond thrilled to have been able to donate my natural hair to this amazing organization, and I am so hopeful that it will make a sick little girl feel like the beautiful angel that she is!