Getting Party Proof Curls: Volume, Definition and Hold
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Getting Party Proof Curls: Volume, Definition and Hold

Out of many of the things I care about, one of the most important things to focus on, and to help me feel better, is my hair. It’s all about my mane – let’s be real, I’m a Leo, so what else can you expect?! If my hair isn’t looking and feeling on point, then let’s not even bring up the topic of a dress, let alone putting on a face.

This is why it’s imperative that when I’m preparing for a glamorous event, I’m always focused on creating and maintaining my said mane to reflect this. I will not leave my condo without being one-hundred percent certain that my hair is behaving.

I make it my life’s mission to look for, find, and use natural, biodegradable, and Earth-friendly products that enable me to feel that my luscious curls are well hydrated, and for the most part controlled – but let’s be honest, a little primitive flair is never a bad thing.

This is why I’m obsessed with Silk Shampoo and Silk Conditioner – a deep moisturizing treatment that I swear by. Especially before a big night, such as the one I’m preparing for this evening with TIFF.

After washing and shampooing my hair, I let the Silk Conditioner work its magic into my hair, while I place two cold cucumbers over my eyes – puffiness is never a good look for this area.

After letting the Silk Conditioner sink into my hair – and let the cucumbers do their job as well – I then get back into the shower to rinse the treatment off. That’s when I use my homemade coffee-coconut body scrub to give my skin a boost before my glam-evening.

Getting out of the shower I feel invigorated, and I use the Leave-In Conditioner to ensure my curls will stay luxuriously moisturized. I follow this up with the Curl Keeper Original, and of course Tweek – the best version of hairspray for this girl.

I look in the mirror to scrutinize my locks…hmmm, my curls are looking quite romantic and soft! This inspires me to go with the long deep aubergine silk dress, with tiny straps and a sweetheart neckline. I envision my curls poetically cascading down my back – yes, this goes perfect with the theme for this evening, I think to myself.

My delicate gold strappy heels will also follow my colour flow nicely with my gold bracelet and the matching gold pins I’ve selected to secure on both sides of my hair. Only now am I able to start on my make-up. All of these elements are important, but my personal opinion is that nothing can come together if the hair isn’t just right; it really is all about the mane.

Now that my make-up has been diligently applied, and strappy heels secured, I can focus once more on my hair, to be absolutely certain it looks and feels fantastic. Yes, definitely TIFF worthy. I know I can count on my main squeeze, Tweek, to keep the flyways in check… myself on the other hand, not as easily, especially when one can confidently let her hair down carefree!