Another Holy Grail Product: Curl Keeper® Refresh
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Another Holy Grail Product: Curl Keeper® Refresh

From the moment Curl Keeper® Refresh hit the shelves it flew. 

It was one of the most successful product launches we as a company, had ever done…why? What was so epic and special about this new "next day" styling product


The idea first came about when we realized that curlies didn't have a "dry shampoo" solution for prolonging wash days the way that straight hair gals did.  Dry Shampoos are formulated to leave a powdery residue that soaks up oils.   Curlies need a next day solution that lifts and defines flat and out-of-shape curls.  So you see, we both need next day solutions for very different issues!  


Taking that into consideration, we wanted to develop a lightweight formula, that was water-based, that helped redefine curls for next day and had a fresh scent.  And that’s what we did! 


It was important for us to take into consideration the challenges surrounding achieving day 2, day 3 and day 4 curls and we got a lot of feedback. Bottom line? Washing your curly hair daily isn’t bad or wrong but it is extremely time consuming. There are working mom’s on the go, curlies who work out daily, flat and broken hairstyles from wearing hats, curlies who are new to the journey and don’t know how to last between washes…so many reasons! 

So, in the formulation, we took this feedback and tried to address it in the product performance.


Curl Keeper Refresh became the soulmate to Curl Keeper Original. How? It’s also water-based and we used the same holding ingredient that’s always worked for Curl Keeper Original. We also took the liberty of infusing the formula with aloe, calendula and chamomile to soothe the scalp while adding volume to your roots and offsetting odours from the environment (pollution, food, smoke). Also, like the rest of Curl Keeper styling products, Refresh performs in all weather conditions, is pH balanced specifically for curly hair, and it can be used as often as you like!


We also developed it to be easy to apply!  It can be used on dry hair, wet hair, it can be misted directly onto the hair, some people love to spray their hands and scrunch it into dry hair, or rake it through wet hair, left to air-dry or diffuse dry...we thought of every possible curly scenario! 


Something interesting we discovered afterwards was that once completely dry, Refresh left a slight “texturizing” feel due to the natural salts that we use to create the volume and cleanse the scalp.   It also dried with a slight cast which comes with redefining your curls.  Scrunching out the crunch (SOTC) became the final step to finishing the “next day” curls and you guys LOVED it!  


 It really makes you feel "wash-day fresh" without all of the time spent washing, drying, and styling!


If you have tried it, we would love to know how many days you can go using Refresh with Hold before you wash your hair again and if you haven’t tried it, you can purchase it here and experience what you’ve been missing. We promise, it will become a staple product in your curly hair arsenal!