Introducing My Best CurlFriend.. By Dahlia Kurtz
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Introducing My Best CurlFriend.. By Dahlia Kurtz

Our Curly Hair Solutions™ Ambassador, pop culture writer Dahlia Kurtz shares her experience with getting her curls cut and styled by Jonathan Torch at the Curly Hair Institute.

Introducing My Best Curlfriend…

I often say my hair is more of a landmark than a style.
People know me for my hair. When it’s pulled back, it’s almost as if I’m incognito.
Blonde (and blonder) corkscrew curls seem to burst out of my head from every direction – controlled  chaos. I don’t try to control how my hair lands, but I do try to control how big it goes.
You know, the bigger the taller. After all, I’m only five-feet, well five-four if you include my hair.
It almost doesn’t matter how I’m dressed or whether or not my face is made up, because all anybody ever seems to notice is my hair. It gets compliments from straighties, and lots of questions from curlies:
“Is that real?”
“How do you get so much volume?”
“How do you make your curls do that?”
“What product do you use?”
At this point, my poker-straighty husband even knows how to answer them.
But today, I shall reveal some of my secrets …
Enter Curly Hair Solutions.
First, I must issue a disclaimer: I am a curly hair ambassador for CHS, which to some may mean I have a bias in writing this, but in actuality it means that I truly stand by its products and stylists. After all of the hair traumas (ladies, I’m sure you’ve been there, and, husband, I know you’ve even been there) I’ve experienced in my life, I would NEVER put my precious tresses in the hands of anybody who couldn’t make them look, at the very least, spectacular.
So …

Secret #1 – Jonathan Torch

Jonathan is the founder of the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto and he’s the mad-scientist behind the Curly Hair Solutions product line. My oft-bragged about stylist, not only has Jonathan innovated ways to cut curls, but he has also formulated products specifically for frizz-free coils, waves and ringlets that are indispensable and accessible (across North America).
When Jonathan cuts my hair, it’s like he’s creating an architectural structure (like I said, it is a landmark). He even cuts ribbons of hairs to work as “support beams” that give extra boost to the style (and height to this shorty). If each curl has its own personality, how could you scissor each one the same? I may only have up to an inch or so of length removed in some places, but each curl gets its own cut, so it’s not as cut-(and-style-)and-dry as a typical trim. A hairdresser who gets it.

Secret #2 – Product, product, product, prod- (you get the idea …)

One of my greatest fears in life is being stranded on a deserted island without any product. Without lotions ‘n potions, I don’t get the volume, nor do I get the definition (or compliments).
Every curly will discover her own routine for styling, and for my type of locks it requires a lot more stuff than appear to be in my hair. (But, no matter how much CHS brand solutions you use, you’ll find that none are goopy or heavy, so you can never really put too much in.)
Some people curl up with their favourite books; I curl up with my fav products. Out of the shower the routine begins:
1. Spray Slip all over. Wait 30 seconds then brush. It de-tangles like magic and protects colour.
2. Add Curl Keeper until you hear a squishy sounds all over when you squeeze handfuls of hair.
3. Silk Leave-In Conditioner joins the party.
4. In the opposite direction of my hair growth, and from scalp to end, I use a Root Brush to pull through the product evenly. This distributes the Curl Keeper and Conditioner, as well, it adds much-loved volume.
5. Since brushing through the Curl Keeper removes some, I add a little extra for good measure.
6. In parts where I want extra volume (around the crown) I positionCurl Clips.
7. Air-dry until crispy (sort of like baking until golden brown, but not).
8. Blow-dry with a diffuser, upside-down, adding Tweek (a cream-like hairspray) at the roots and ends in a scrunching motion, as needed. And making sure at the roots to delicately lift my hair with my fingertips.
9. Blow-dry, blow-dry, blow-dry.
10. Tweek, Tweek, Tweek. (Love, love, love.)
11. And if I’m not going anywhere, or while I’m on my way in the car, I again place Curl Clips where I want more volume. It is remarkable what those cheap little suckers can do.
And, that is my product routine – the abridged version.

Secret #3 – Neglect

Huh? Neglect? How can a girl who just gave an abridged version 11-points long say she neglects her hair?
Well, day-after hair only needs a spritzing of water to re-style. Sometimes some curl clips in strategic points. Sometimes some blow-drying with a diffuser to bounce it back up. Maybe some extra Tweek. The more days it goes without washing the more beauteous it becomes.
So there you have it. Some of my key secrets in keeping my curls in check. And to this day, I’m still learning new tricks for the tresses. Stay tuned. I’ll keep you posted.
And the fromance continues …
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