Loose Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch
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Loose Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch

Zeina has a loose curl that is extremely long, thick and dense. The extreme length makes it a challenge to achieve volume and fullness on the top of her head. Since Zeina’s hair takes so long to dry, the weight of her wet hair causes her curl formation to loosen. However, with such length it is easier for Zeina’s curls to form when she wears her hair down since each curl has to rotate two and half times to form a ringlet. On the other hand, ‘wing’s can form on shorter curls, which can also be a challenge to manage and maintain.

If you have curls close to Zeina’s, follow Jonathan’s step by step makeover to get the maximum results out of your hair by using the right products and the right techniques:

What are the steps you took to achieve this look?

1. I started off with RevUp! Shampoo, worked the lather right down to the root area then rinsed very thoroughly. I then sprayed several mists


of the Slip Detangler to ensure that all knots and tangles were safely removed.
2. Following detangling, I used a generous amount of the frizz fighting product, Curl Keeper. I made sure that I covered all her hair from roots to ends, and used the water in her hair to help the Curl Keeper distribute evenly.
3. I then got her to flip her head over and started to scrunch – twenty to thirty scrunches works perfectly! As the scrunching causes bouncy ringlets to form, I then added some Gel to her hair for extra hold and support her loose curls.
4. While the hair was still wet, I clipped the curls to her scalp with the Roller Jaw Clamps and allowed her hair to dry on its own for 20 minutes. Using the Roller Jaw Clamps will help to create volume, lift at the root and to help maintain defined curl formation. After her hair felt surface dry, I sprayed a few pumps of the RevUp! Volumist and then sped up the drying process with a diffuser.
5. Once the hair is completely dried, I played with her curls to soften up her bouncy, frizz free curly hairstyle.

Are there any extra techniques recommended for this curl type?

I like to use the Root Brush for extra lift and volume at the root or scalp area. Zeina’s hairline is close to her face, so the Root Brush really helped to lift her hair back away and off her face. For proper curly hair care, never towel dry your hair before you scrunch since the wetter hair helps form more defined curls while scrunching.


If you are short on time when styling what are a few tips you would give to achieve this look?

After you have formed the perfect curls, you can gently hold a towel to absorb excess wetness. However, you must be extremely careful not to add movement, as frizz will happen if movement occurs during the early stages of styling. A Bonnet Hood Dryer is an effective styling tool that if you need to save time will help speed things up.

What are the most common misconceptions of her curl type/pattern?

The biggest mistake is adding extra moisture from conditioners. Since Zeina’s hair can take hours to dry and her hair retains moisture, adding additional moisture would only prolong the drying process. Zeina would benefit from focusing on detanglers as that is all she needs for conditioning. Slip Detangler is very lightweight: while being primarily a detangler, it qualifies as a LEAVE in curly hair conditioner that closes the open hair cuticles and eliminates all knots and tangles while bringing shine to the hair.