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Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls Group

Curly Hair Solutions™ is very much looking forward to participating in Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls “Tia’s 10k Giveaway” starting on March 29th 2015! Tia S. Kirby is the brains and beauty behind this natural hair group, and she has agreed to share with us some of her inspirations and experiences!

1. Tell us about MMG&ONC and how it came to be and why? 
Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls (MMG&ONC) represents every woman that embraces, loves, & is excited about her God-given curls. Though we started out documenting the natural hair journey of my two daughters and I, it ended up evolving! Now MMG&ONC focuses on anyone who has beautiful natural curls, whether it be different lengths, different textures, different curly hairstyles, different curl patterns, and different shapes & sizes. I had started to blog and share my knowledge of taking care of my hair and my two daughter’s hair as while relaxed and especially when we transitioned to growing and wearing our hair in its natural state.

2. What is the focus of your events/message you are trying to spread?
MMG&ONC‘s purpose is to inspire, encourage, educate and equip women of all ages to “Fall In Love With You & Your God-given Curls,” while enhancing their natural beauty and individual style. Whether you have natural hair or not, learning to love yourself and everything that is you is the key to embracing yourself fully. Doing so requires learning and implementing healthy lifestyles, and to have the ability to enjoy the journey at every stage!

3. Tell us about your hair journey!
My last relaxer was December 22nd 2010 and I didn’t do anything differently than normal. But for some reason the crown section of my hair broke off to about a half an inch and at the time my hair was about armpit length. At that point I decided I will never again put another relaxer on my hair. Just months before this happened I was really down about my hair because I felt that it was not really growing and was thin. I had been relaxing my hair since I was six years old; I knew absolutely nothing about going natural or what it entailed. My hair was always been long but could never grow past arm pit length, even as I got older. Little did I realize that was because I was using heat on it all the time and doing things that were so damaging to my hair! As my >natural hair began to grow in I then learned from talking to friends who no longer relaxed their hair about having “natural hair”. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. My hair breaking off from that last relaxer then led me to growing my natural hair and my daughter’s. This in turn evolved into Me My Girls & Our Natural Curls and for that I am eternally grateful. There is NOTHING like being comfortable in your own skin and nothing like loving yourself for who you are. I believe that our curls are like fingerprints; no one is the same and each one is unique, which sets us apart from everyone else. While there are similarities to others, no journey is exactly the same.

4. What can we expect from MMG&ONC in the future? 
At the end of March 2015 I will be hosting “Tia’s 10k Giveaway” on my YouTube channel to celebrate getting over 10,000 subscribers. I am also planning a “Curly Kids Showcase” this summer but am currently scouting kid-friendly locations to match our theme and showcase. My prayer and goal for MMG&ONC is to become a highly sought after, world-wide success while traveling around the world hosting events, connecting, encouraging, educating and inspiring others. No limits!

“Tia’s 10k Subscriber Giveaway” video announcement will go live on her YouTube channel [Tia Kirby’s YouTube Channel] Sunday, March 29th 2015. This date is also the beginning date for entries into the drawing, the closing date for entries into the drawings will be Wednesday, April 29th 2015. The winners will be announced via a live YouTube video Wednesday, May 6th 2015.