Sleeping on Curly Hair
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Sleeping on Curly Hair

If you do your curly hair at night you will have more time to get ready in the morning!

With daylight savings over it is harder to get up in the morning when it’s still dark out. This means sleeping in and rushing to get ready to make sure you get to work on time. By getting ready the night before saves you that time in the morning allowing you to get few more minutes of shut eye without being rushed. 
We know that the less movement created while your hair is drying will result in less frizz and more control. Sleeping without moving is not a reality for some, but there are options that will allow you to do your curly hair at night so you have more time in the morning. Going to sleep with your hair still wet does not have to be uncomfortable. Here are some steps you can take to make sleeping with curly hair easier.
In the Evening – First, prepare your hair using your regular routine. Allow your hair to dry on its own for 30 minutes. Once your hair is surface dry it will be safe to sleep on. For loose curls group sections of curls towards the top of your head and secure with a Roller Jaw Clamp. This will make ensure a cleaner ‘S’ formation and a better hairstyle in the morning. For tighter curls, use a Hair Robe while sleeping. This will keep your curly hair secure with much less movement and allow them to dry properly and undisturbed while you sleep.
In the Morning – If you should wake up with frizz and messy hair do not panic. Curly Hair Solutions products reactivate with water so simply wet your hands and run them over the messy sections to get complete frizz control. Allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser to bring back the bounce to your curls. 
Now you can achieve long lasting frizz free curls by taking a few simple steps in the morning and allowing yourself to get a good night’s sleep.