Sulfate-Free Shampoo for All Curls
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Sulfate-Free Shampoo for All Curls

For most curlies, we are on a constant hunt to find a product that will end our search and provide our curls with everything we have been searching for. The first step in finding your essential curly hair care products is to find a shampoo that is gentle on the scalp and hair. Our newest sulfate-free shampoo, Curly Hair Solutions Energizing Shampoo is designed to be a gentle cleansing solution for all curl types, to be used daily or as often as your curls desire. Energizing Shampoo is packed full of Himalayan salts to give your curls the strength it needs to prepare for the array of styling products you use. The 84 essential trace elements found in Himalayan Salts have a powerful and positive effect not only on your curls, but also on your scalp. Here is what other curlies have said about how they experienced the transforming effects of Energizing Shampoo:

Samantha – Loose Curls
For one thing, I felt like my scalp was fully washed for the first time in a while. My hair was smooth after rinsing out the sulfite-free shampoo, and I didn’t have to worry about rewashing my hair as quickly. When I went to comb out my hair, I didn’t see any residue or flakes from the heavy duty use of leave in conditioner the day before (a very humid day!). I could also add on other hair care products and, because the shampoo is mild, it didn’t compete or overwhelm me with floral scents. I’m excited to say that I did not have an allergic reaction to this shampoo (Curly Hair Solutions has done it again!). Overall I would definitely use this shampoo often, especially when I think my scalp needs a bit more exfoliation.

Megan – Medium Curls
My hair is a bit damaged as I dyed it earlier this year. My curl pattern is between a 3B- 3C and while I have a lot of hair, using the wrong shampoo can cause parts of my hair to be brittle, frizzy and even limp. Although I deep condition and use protein treatments religiously, this was the first time in a while that my mane did not lack shine or look dry. After using the Energizing Shampoo, my hair looked fuller and supple – it was like my natural oils had been activated, making my hear feel fresher and look shinier. I’ve been struggling to find a shampoo that works on my scalp and my hair and I’m certain this product is my saving grace in cleansing form.

Naturally, I tried it three times within a four-week period to make sure it wasn’t a coincidence. After every wash, despite whatever type of heating or destructive styling I put my hair through, it re-invigorated my scalp and revived my curls. The Energizing Shampoo will change your life (and your hair). I highly recommend adding it to your washing regime.

Shannon – Tight Curls 
I used Energizing Shampoo 2-3 times a week (my usual washing frequency) and combined it with my favorite conditioner and styling product to see if any changes in my hair were related to the shampoo. My hair felt incredibly soft after the first wash. Almost too soft. I had frizzy curls more than usual after a day of activity, although humid July weather could have been the culprit. That remained the case for the first week, but by the second week, my hair had adjusted. The softness was still there, but the excess frizz was gone and I had the amount of hold and curl definition I wanted. Energizing Shampoo made my hair feel clean without stripping away moisture, and gave my curls the softness and sheen that made it look great!

Have you tried Curly Hair Solutions Energizing Shampoo yet? If so share with us your experience!