The Importance of Heat Protectant on Curls
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The Importance of Heat Protectant on Curls

Is it really worth the time it takes to add a heat protectant to your routine? Yes. A million times yes. Straighteners and Blow Dryers can reach anywhere to +200°F, which can easily burn hair (and sometimes break it off). Long term heat protectant free styling can lead to keratin loss, a cracked strand cuticle and change hair colour. Luckily, there is an EASY way to add a protective barrier between your precious curls and heat stylers!

Heat protectants work in magical ways! Thermal Defence includes powerful ingredients like Sea Kelp Extract, Chamomile Extract, and Horsetail Extract, which form a thin film on the curl's surface, leaving hair with a seal that helps slow down heat movement and distribute heat more evenly. This crucial factor is what saves your strands and helps hair heat up gradually rather than suddenly, resulting in less hair damage. 

Although essential, heat protectants alone don't guarantee a worry-free heat style. Don't forget to distribute your product evenly on damp hair from roots to ends.  This is essential for ALL Curl Types and ALL hot tools-heat damage doesn't pick favourites!



Particularly in the winter months, leaving your curls to air dry can not only mean you need to start the grueling process several hour earlier to allow time for air drying but you could get sick if you go outside with wet hair. Diffusing your curls can be a huge help to not only speeding up drying time but effectively enhancing your natural curls. Remember that practice makes perfect! 

It is crucial to use a reliable diffuser attachment and lightweight frizz control serum to create definition, volume and hold within your diffusing. We recommend sticking to water-based formulas, which work better together and doesn't buildup. 

Need more info? We go into diffusing depth here >>



Using a hair straightener or other irons? Wait until the hair is completely DRY to apply a heat protector and begin styling. Its essential to take the proper precautions to make heat styling as kind to your hair as possible. 

Need some extra hydration as a finisher? Try a lightweight oil to help add shine, hydration and some moisture to those heat styled curls. We recommend an lightweight oil treatment that renews and repairs your scalp, hair, and skin at the cellular level. The fine molecules from Vegan Squalane, Chia, & Sacha Inchi oils allow for quick absorption and long-lasting hydration by locking in essential nutrients.


Don't forget: heat protectants can only reduce the damage caused by heat styling. They can’t completely protect your hair – even the best results show about 50% heat protection at most

Safe Styling!