Traveling with Curly Hair
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Traveling with Curly Hair

While I love to explore new places, my hair has a travel phobia – and with good reason. When I look back at photos from my 2015 trip to Mexico, it was SUPER unprepared for the wrath of hotel shampoos and conditioners. Some of many hair concerns when traveling include the weather, how my clothes will ever fit in my suitcase alongside all of my curly hair product, and whether airport security will think my diffuser is a weapon! Alas, over the years, I have developed a routine that allows me to maintain my beautiful curls and travel carefree. All it takes is a little planning. Here are four tips for traveling with your curls.

1. Prepare Your Hair

Prior to your bon voyage, use a deep treatment on your hair to ensure it’s in the best condition possible – allowing you to spend more time enjoying the sights and less time worrying about your hair. Try the a deep moisture conditioning treatment after shampooing and leave it in your hair for half an hour while packing.

Another helpful thing to do right before your trip is get a small trim to rid your hair of split ends. This ensures your hair is picture perfect for all those vacation photos.

2. Bring Your Arsenal

On vacation, you want your hair looking its best so bringing products you know will work is a must. Packing full size products isn’t necessary – you need that valuable space for clothes and souvenirs! Thankfully, travel sizes kits exist of your favourite curly hair products. The new Curl Keeper Volume Kit has travel sizes featuring your favourites of the styling collection: Curl Keeper Original, Refresh, Tweek and Thermal Defence. The 3oz bottles are plenty for a vacation, especially since the products reactivate with water – this means you don’t have to reapply them every day. Having the entire collection at your fingertips also allows you to vary your style and makes sure your curls will be just as beautiful, soft and shiny as at home!

3. Embrace the Heat

Hopefully on vacation, you’re travelling somewhere warm. If that’s the case, give your hair a break and leave your diffuser at home. Air-drying your hair can work just as well as diffusing, particularly in warmer climates. Both Curl Keeper Original and Curl Keeper Gel work extremely well in humid climates.

If you’re heading north and air-drying is not an option, try some microfibre gloves which is packable, and dries the hair without disturbing your curls!

4. Don’t Forget the Accessories

You are on vacation after all – relax from styling your natural curls and bring some accessories to quickly create a ‘do that will get you out sightseeing as quickly as possible. Don’t forget hair ties, scarves, and bobby pins. Nothing says glamour like a backless baseball cap, carefree curls and large sunglasses!

So leave your frizz at home and follow these tips to unleash your curls on the world!