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Welcome to Gossip Curls

Welcome to the new Gossip Curls blog curl-friends! We hope you will join us in a curly hair dialogue, sharing styling tips, solutions to curly hair related problems or concerns, new makeovers, curly videos and of course, answers to all your questions!  Gossip Curls is designed to aid in educating curlies with all curl types, all ages, all textures and patterns.  It can be daunting, perhaps a bit scary when you are not familiar with your curls, or perhaps newly found curls so this blog is an open forum of discussion, laughs and some good information.

My name is Ashley and I can’t wait to dig into the depths of the “curly hair” underworld with you!  I am of mixed decent which means I have had a hate-hate relationship with my hair.  Like many of you, I had tried everything, even allowing my Mom to do box braids on my wet hair then having it brushed out the next morning! I grieve with you my sisters!  I have a significant amount of experience and knowledge with how curls work, and more importantly, how they won’t.  I have spent time at the Curly Hair Institute with Jonathan Torch and his expert salon stylists, and I have done a number of trade shows across North America.  I have heard it all and if I haven’t, I will find someone who has!  Now I won’t lie, I have my “holy grail” products that work for me and that I refuse to substitute or live without: Curly Hair Solutions.

Today we are also launching our Curl Confessions Video Series where I ask experts from the Jonathan Torch Curly Hair Institute questions and they share their answers!  The first video here is “How To Achieve Volume”. Now I know those of you who have a tighter, kinkier curl don’t have to always worry about lack of volume- and we envy you! However for the rest of us- you may find some of these suggestions from our experts useful! We hope you are as excited as we are to engage in a bit of “show and tell” here at Gossip Curls, we look forward to reading your tips, tricks, comments and questions! So with that- let’s gear up for the first Curl Confessions video! Thanks curlies!

If you have trouble viewing the video, check it out on YouTube.