What is Colour Keeper Technology?
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What is Colour Keeper Technology?

Shhh....It's another little secret that makes our products amazing!

Vibrant, Healthy Colour-Treated Curls is our Promise and we have the formulas to prove it!  You may have seen this symbol on some of our products so here's what it all means...

1. Protein-Packed Formulation: Curl Keepers’ Colour Keeper Technology is formulated with proteins that help to reduce colour fading and protect your curls from damage. These proteins work to strengthen the hair shaft, making your colour last longer and keeping your curls looking vibrant.

2. Rich Extracts, Minerals, and Vitamins: In addition to proteins, Curl Keepers’ Colour Keeper Technology also contains rich extracts, minerals, and vitamins that nourish and hydrate your curls. These ingredients work together to add shine and vitality to your coloured locks, leaving them looking healthy and radiant.

3. Protection and Repair: Not only does Curl Keepers’ Colour Keeper Technology prevent colour fading and add vibrancy to your curls, but it also protects and repairs damage. Whether your curls are feeling dry and brittle or have been exposed to heat styling tools, this technology helps to restore and strengthen your hair, leaving it soft, smooth, and resilient.

Incorporate Curl Keepers’ Colour Keeper Technology into your hair care routine to experience the benefits of protein-rich formulations, nourishing extracts, minerals, and vitamins, and protection and repair for your coloured curls. Say goodbye to dull, faded hair and hello to vibrant, healthy curls !

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