When do you Refresh?
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When do you Refresh?

None of us are stranger to the Day 2, 3 and 4 (or longer) curly hair struggle. Day 1 is either too perfect, perfect, or a total fail. The success of our style in the days to follow is determined by our level of patience, product and time. Am I right? 

We took it upon ourselves to solve this problem for you in one product, Curl Keeper Refresh with Hold “Next Day” Styling Spray. Gone are the days of separating good curls from the flopped, frizzy curls, spraying them down with water, possibly detangling them, adding more product, restyling…(sigh).

How easy is it really to use Curl Keeper Refresh? Give the bottle a good shake, flip your hair forward or to the side, spray it in the areas you need to perk up those curls, scrunch and go. That’s it. Here are some situations you might find yourself in need of a Refresh.



Post workout

Ponytails, messy buns, big braid with a baseball cap on, all of it leaves your curls either with indents from hair ties, random kinks and or flat spots. Keep a 3.38oz bottle of Curl Keeper Refresh in your gym bag, you will thank us later. The scent of this product is a glorious basket of citrus fruit, so spray it liberally to reactivate your style and “buh-bye” sweaty workout hair.



Last Minute-Anything

Last minute patio date with the bestie, last minute meeting (or one your forgot about), last minute weekend getaway! Curl Keeper Refresh is a must-have. Why? Because it literally only takes minutes to get your style back. Mist it all over or in specific areas that need it and go enjoy that cocktail!





If you aren’t going away this summer then the beach is just as good. But if you have a trip planned for this upcoming Fall/Winter, Curl Keeper Refresh will save your life! There’s nothing worse than getting ready to snap a cute selfie on the Amalfi coast and realizing your curls are flat and blah. This product is a vacation, baecation or staycation essential!




Daily Haircare Regimen

Curl Keeper Refresh with Hold can be used all day, every day without building up. Soooo why not add it to your overall daily haircare regime? We all love a good day 2, 3, 4…7 hair day if we can get away with it. Wash days for some of us are long, tedious and tiring and we might not always have the time or energy to dedicate to the process. Curl Keeper Refresh allows you to prolong your hairstyle in between those pesky wash days. Sounds like love doesn’t it?



Busy Moms/Back to School

For all those Mama’s out there counting down the next 3 weeks in great anticipation for the first day of school? Having some Curl Keeper Refresh handy for not only yourselves (because let’s face it, the first week of getting back in routine is brutal) but your kiddies too! Less crying and fighting in the morning and more coffee. Refresh your style and your kids’ gorgeous curls with a few mists and off they go into the world all cute and you can possibly beat traffic to work.