There aren’t too many things more stressful than getting your kids ready to go back to school.  Nowadays, when it seems that parents need to get EVERYTHING ready for their kids outside of choosing who their teacher is (and even that is becoming something to consider for some parents) having a child with curly hair adds a little extra to that unease. What to do for that “back 2 school” cut or style to get your child starting the year on the right foot.

We discussed in a previous blog that you should embrace your child’s curls, and if you’re here that’s exactly what you’re looking to do! Naturally curly hair needs to be celebrated and not looked at as a burden.  Your children’s curly locks make them unique. Let’s look at how you can keep those curls healthy and fresh this fall to make sure your child’s curly ‘doo is on point for day one.

  1. Learn More About Your Child’s Curl Type

Curly Hair solutions is proud to have deciphered the formula for all curl types. If you haven’t yet, visit the link to educate yourself on your child’s curl type and how you can help manage those luscious locks.  By doing so, you can then create the routine you need to perform daily with your child to ensure they have beautiful, stylish and frizz free curly ‘doo’s every day they go to the classroom. Different curls require different routines.  Empower your family with the information you need to know what curl type you’re dealing with.

  1. Use Only Natural Products from the Experts

Silicone & Oil-based products found in your general store (or even worse, in some beauty salons) can absolutely make curly hair unmanageable. These products block moisture from entering the follicle and, over time, can actually make your hair drier. This creates the conditions in your hair needed for frizz to become a common occurrence.   Our products are 100% silicone-free and have been perfectly pH balanced to meet the needs of each curl type.  Every product we have in-stock, from our world-famous Curl Keeper® Leave-In Conditioner to our Curl Keeper Styling Cream, is designed to make curly hair shinier, frizz-free and controllable in any situation.

Your child’s curly hair doesn’t have to be something you worry about this fall.  You have enough stress with school supplies, clothes and figuring out how to drag them out of bed the first few mornings.  By doing a little research of your own, prior to your child resuming their education, you’ll get the knowledge you need for how you deal with your curly haired youngster. Throughout the process, include your child and they’ll learn how to care for their own hair and style it to their preferences as they get older.  That way, for the rest of time, your child can have a style all of their own and be “too curl” whether in school, at work, or at play.