Why this basic step is the foundation of great hair!

Jonathan Torch shares his expert opinion on the importance of shampoo.

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Way more time and money is spent on conditioners than shampoo. Reality is, shampoo is a very important step in the haircare process.

The science

It all starts with an understanding of pH balance which determines the potency or "strength" of the shampoo. For straight and oily hair, the ideal pH level of shampoo is usually slightly on the stronger side. In fact, most shampoos are developed for this category - having a pH of 7 - 8 . Clarifying shampoos could measures high as 9-10.

Why this matters

These formulas are extremely harsh on curly and colour treated hair. Even after one single use, hair colour, as well as most natural oils, will be stripped! Hairstylist's hands also suffer the consequences of harsher detergents resulting in chapping and even bleeding. Curly heads must use solutions that range from a pH 4.5-5.5.  This will ensure a gentle and effective cleanse without stripping good oils and colour.

A good shampoo can add extra strength and improve the elasticity of the hair. Some Shampoo formulations can even treat scalp conditions and reduce hair loss. The right shampoo for your hair will allow for better style management and allow for hair to stay cleaner and for longer periods of time.

Say NO to silicones 

With the introduction of cheap shampoos loaded with silicones and other ingredients that coat the hair, it's hard to deny the slippery softness that these coatings can provide, however, long-term use could cause scalp issues, dullness, and dryness. The buildup of these ingredients will also affect the outcome of hair colour not taking properly and even stubborn greys not holding colour.


Important Note: Rinse

Stylists MUST thoroughly rinse all shampoo off the scalp and out of the hair to set the hair up for the best cut and style possible. Seems silly but you would be surprised at how this can affect the final outcome!

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