Ask The Expert: Scalp Care & Hair Loss
Tips from Jonathan Torch

Ask The Expert: Scalp Care & Hair Loss

Hair loss and what to do about it!

There are many causes of excess hair loss and no matter what it is, it’s incredibly distressing. From hormones and chronic stress to medications, environmental factors and diet it can all effect the health of the scalp. Without a thriving scalp, hair growth will be minimal, so what can you do to minimize hair loss and take care of your scalp?

  1. Monitor how often your scalp flakes by keeping a journal. Important information like: What shampoo did you wash with, has it been particularly dry in your work and living space, what time of year is it and is there a pattern? Keeping track of things like that will help you to notice any patterns or significant changes that need to be noted. From there, if you discover it’s perhaps a new product or a change in the weather you will be able to adjust your haircare routine accordingly. The best way to care for your scalp in this instance is to consistently and gently exfoliate your scalp a few times a month. Once dead skin forms a plaque it all goes downhill from there.
  2. Watch for signs of product build up. This is not to be confused with dandruff or dry skin flaking. Product buildup will likely be noticeable on your hair first. Here are some things to look out for:
    • Looser, undefined curl pattern or your curl pattern won’t keep it’s shape. This could be a sign there’s build up on the individual strands
    • Longer drying time. If your curls are taking longer than normal to dry, it’s likely there’s excess product on the hair
    • White/grey-ish flakey scalp patches in one area. Sometimes when we style our hair we get a glob of product that didn’t distribute so it sort of just sits in that area until it dries. Most products dry clear so if you see some residue in one area it’s probably product.
    • Itchy scalp. This speaks for itself, if you start itching your scalp frequently like a crazy person it could be build up from some ingredients found in hair products. In both scenarios, although this one is more pressing, it’s time to clarify your hair with a shampoo that will breakdown and remove the build up. Be careful though because some clarifying shampoos can dry out your scalp and you will be back to square one.
  1. Where are you storing your hair products? Why does this matter? Put simply, damp areas where mold has potential to grow and get into your products will inevitably cause several medical issues. Keep your products stored in a dry place, out of direct sunlight and excessive heat.
  2. Scalp picking and scratching can cause damage to the scalp. If any area of your scalp is irritated, cut or burnt from a heat styling tool, it needs a clean environment to heal properly. Don’t skip washing.
  3. Your scalp needs exercise too…it will improve elasticity and stimulates blood circulation and sebum secretion. At the base of every is a sebaceous gland that is responsible for the production of nutrients that feed the hair shaft. If you want to minimize hair loss and boost growth…massaging the scalp will relax the tension! 

Our recommendations to start your scalp therapy begins with using the sulfate free, pH balanced Energizing Shampoo which harnesses the power of Himalayan pink salt crystals. With 86 trace elements found in the crystals, the Energizing shampoo gently and safely exfoliates the scalp removing build up and excess skin. If you need further exfoliation? The Flexy Brush is equipped with longer, gentle and flexible bristles which will massage your scalp  if you do small circular brushing motions all over the scalp. Note: it is very important to thoroughly rinse shampoos and conditioners out of the hair.

How can you notice and measure the progress and overall scalp health? Look for those baby hairs, and when you find them, nourish them, keep them away from heat and chemicals! I suggest adding a few mists of our Dry Oil Elixir that is packed with 3 types of omega 3 oils when you do a scalp massage.

Try these suggestions out and we would love to hear about your progress!