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    NEW! Slip+™ Extreme Detangling Jelly

    Curl Keeper® Slip+™ Extreme Detangling Jelly is the easiest and quickest spot detangler for stubborn knots!

    Curl Keeper® Slip™ Detangler

    Curl Keeper® Slip™ Detangler is a silicone-free leave-in conditioner that will instantly loosen hair knots and locks in hair colour.

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    Magic Mist Detangler™

    Fear Knot! Magic Mist Detangler™ works by gently conditioning and loosening tangles so that hair can be brushed with ease.

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    Flexy Brush - For Detangling and "Curl Clumping"

    Built strong, durable, lightweight and easy to clean. Great for shower use, combing through curls with conditioner, removing tangles or shampoo massaging to clean the scalp.


    The Kinder Brush

    Smaller than the Flexy Original but just as mighty, The Kinder Brush was designed for little hands to gently detangle hair with minimal breakage and tension.

    Curl Keeper® Styling Brush

    The Perfect Styling Brush for Curly Hair. For gorgeous up-dos, ponytails, buns, slick-back styles and more! Gently distributes hair product and natural oils from the root making hairstyles shiny and smooth. Deep bristle pattern glides...