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The Curl Glossary

ACV rinse :
a clarifying rinse using apple cider vinegar 
Air dry : drying hair naturally, without a hair dryer 

Big chop : the big hair cut lots of curlies have to start their new regime
Blow out : a hairstyle achieved using heat and brushes whilst drying 
Breakage : when hair snaps, due to being too dry, excessive brushing or too much protein
Build-up : when products load onto hair strands over time, not fully washing off

Cast : the hard, stiff structure that forms around curls when styled with certain products 
CG approved : products allowed for usage within the Curly Girl Method 
Clarify : the removal build up, essentially a reset for our hair and scalp
Clipping (or root clipping) : the use of clips at the hair roots to achieve more volume whilst drying 
Clump : the sticking together of hair into curly sections 
Co-wash : to cleanse your hair with conditioner and scrubbing of the scalp
Cocktail : several styling products mixed 
Crunch : the hard cast formed after applying a product

DIY : Do it yourself treatment 
Density : the number of hairs on your head 
Detangling : removing knots and tangles from the hair gently 
Diffusing : adding a cup like attachment to a hair dryer to aid in drying 
Drying alcohols : ingredients with a short carbon chain that speed up drying time, but can dry hair  

Emollients: Water Repelling ingredients that form a film on the hair strand, sealing the cuticle
Essential Oils: Highly concentrated natural oils, derived from plants
Finger Coiling: A curl training styling technique whereby curls are formed with your fingers in a coiling action
Fluff: A way to add volume to hair, using the fingertips to massage the hair roots 

Glycerin(e): A moisturising ingredient found in many hair care products - a type of humectant
Holy Grail: Your go to products! 
Hair Type: The classifications used to identify the kind of hair you have, from straight to coils 
Halo Frizz: Frizz that sits on the uppermost part of your hair, forming a halo
Heat Damage: Damage caused to your hair when it is subjected to heat styling 
Ingredients that attract moisture to themselves from the surrounding environment 
: The act of moisturizing of your hair
Hygral Fatigue: Over moisturised curls!

Keratin: The protein your hair is made up of

LOC Method: A styling method involving applying leave in, curl cream and oil in that order. There are several variants of this inc.LCO, LCEG, LOG etc (E being enhancer, G being gel)
Layers: A cutting technique where different lengths are introduced to the hair
Moisturiser: a product that smooths the hair strand, helping to trap moisture in

Night-time Routine: how you protect your curls at night

PVP: an ingredient found in styling products (particularly gels) that forms a film on the hair, helping strands stick in place
Pick: a hair tool used to create volume
Pineappling: a loose ponytail used to protect hair overnight
Plopping: Wet = wet hair plopped in a shower cap to aid moisture retention. Dry = wet hair plopped in t-shirt or microfibre towel for drying
Polyquats: ingredients used in styling products to form a film on hair. Can cause build up
Porosity: how able your hair is to absorb and retain moisture
Praying Hands: the spreading of product onto hair by taking the hair between hands in a praying manner, smoothing the hands from root to end
Pre-Poo: applying an oil or dc treatment to the hair prior to shampooing
Protein: hair is made up of a protein called keratin. The moisture and protein in hair needs to be balanced and moisture or protein treatments can help with this
Pulsing: the application of product into the hair with the palms of the hands scrunching upwards, then pulsing at the top

Raking: the combing of product through the hair with the fingers
Refresh: reviving your curls  

Satin/silk Bonnet: A bonnet used for sleep protection. The satin/silk material is smooth, reducing friction and preserving curls
Satin/silk Scarf: A scarf wrapped around the head for sleep protection
Satin/silk pillowcase: A pillowcase designed to reduce friction and breakage during sleep 
Scalp Massage: Using fingers, massager, or brush stimulating blood circulation to promote healthy scalp and hair growth
Scalp Treatment:
treatments designed to improve scalp health. Some can be medically prescribed
Scrunching: taking sections of wet hair in your hands squeezing as the hands move upwards. Can be used to apply product
Scrunch Out The Crunch/SOTC: the process of removing the hard cast formed by styling products. There is several ways of doing this including scrunching, clapping (COTC), praying hands, with oil, etc.
the difference in hair length from wet to dry curls
Silicone: hydrophobic ingredients that coat and build up on the hair. Most can only be removed with sulphate shampoos, although there are also water soluble silicones
Slip: the slipperyness created by particular products on hair. High slip is desirable for conditioners when finger detangling
Smasters Method: the application of a small amount of emulsified styling product to the hair during the drying process
Squish To Condish:
the squishing of conditioner into the hair to help absorption of moisture
Sulphates (acronym SLS): lathering ingredients used to clean the hair
Sun Damage: the damage caused by overexposure of hair to sunlight

Texture: the thickness of each hair strand (from fine to coarse)
Transitioning: the process of returning to your natural curls. Can involve a big chop
Trim: cutting off the hair ends to minimize split ends and breakage 

Virgin Hair: uncoloured hair that has not been damaged by heat styling either

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