For Healthy Hair, Scalp, & Skin

Curl Keeper® Dry Oil Elixir is a rich and decadent oil packed with Omega 3, 6, 9 - perfectly blended to moisturize, soothe, and nourish.

For Hair:

  • Adds softness and shine
  • UV protection helps prevent hair colour from fading in the sun
  • Non-greasy feel
  • For Scalp:

  • Soothes itching
  • Soothes dry scalp
  • Stimulates hair growth

  • For Skin:

  • Anti-aging cell regeneration for weak and dry hair and skin
  • Improves the moisture balance and elasticity of the skin


    A multi-tasking treatment that renews and repairs your scalp, hair, and skin at the cellular level.

    Only $29.00

    The fine molecules from Vegan Squalane, Chia, & Sacha Inchi oils allow for quick absorption and long-lasting hydration by locking in essential nutrients.

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    Dry Oil Elixir

    Dry Oil Elixir

    Dry Oil Elixir

    Dry Oil Elixir

    Curl Keeper Dry Oil Elixir: the first of it's kind can be used on skin, scalp and hair to soothe and restore moisture. Check out this video by @itscurlybeccc who uses it as a part of her skincare routine before her daily makeup application as a primer!

    You’ve all seen the hashtag #sotc and one of our favorite things to do is to use the Curl Keeper Dry Oil to “scrunch out the crunch” or cast that is left on your hair after you’ve used product and your hair has dried. Once your hair is dry, to give your curls an instant moisture boost, spray some on your hands and scrunch out that cast, see it done here. This oil has a tiny molecular weight and has the ability to penetrates the skin membrane extremely fast because of the squalane.

    All-Natural | Vegan | No Silicones| No Parabens | No Preservatives | No Fragrances