10 Secrets you Need to Know when Straightening your Curls
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10 Secrets you Need to Know when Straightening your Curls

With curly hair being so versatile, occasionally some curlies enjoy switching up styles and safely going from curly to straight with ease. But with the versatility of curly hair comes fragility, which is why many curlies scoff at the mention of heat and curly hair. The fear of “heat damage” or curls that don’t recover after heat styling is strong within the curly hair world. But don’t let fear hold you back. We have ten secrets you need to know for safe curl-friendly heat styling.

10. Use a strengthening shampoo – If you plan to frequently straighten your curls, use a shampoo such as Curly Hair Solution’s Treatment Shampoo, to strengthen the hair’s elasticity as heat can make hair brittle. It is also important to never apply heat to dirty hair! Applying heat to unclean hair will only “cook” debris and build up in to hair cuticles and will lead to damage.

9. Stick to regular Deep Treatments – Make sure regular deep treatments are a part of your hair regimen. Regular use of a deep treatment such as Pure Silk Protein while styling your hair straight can help maintain and improve your hair’s condition and heat tolerance.

8. Toss the towel – Avoid using a towel to dry your hair. Towel drying can cause breakage and unnecessary tangles, and is overall bad for your hair. Instead allow at least 50% of your hair to air dry before applying any heat. Air drying your hair also allows for minimal heat exposure which in return reduces the chance of experiencing major heat damage.

7. Gentle detangling is a curls best friend – Be very cautious when detangling. Ensure you start combing from the ends of your hair towards the roots, and gently work your way up to minimize breakage.

6. Curl friendly heat styling protectant – Use ReMane Straight™ from roots to ends and be sure to comb it throughout the length of your hair, then leave it on for a few minutes before you start to blow dry. This will help protect your curls from any heat damage.

5. Save time, section hair – If you blow-dry your hair straight with a round brush, be sure to section your hair into at least 4 parts to make it easier to manage. Use a medium heat setting and start from the root and keep the brush and blow dryer moving constantly. Do not let the dryer sit on a section of your hair for too long as you may risk damaging your hair. Repeat with each section until you are done.

4. Straightened hair does not equal fried curls – If you prefer to blow-dry your hair so that it is fully dry and then flat iron it, be sure to avoid using a setting higher than 360 degrees. Section your hair several times for manageability and keep the flat iron moving. The same concept used in blow-drying appears here: never let the flat iron stop moving, otherwise the heat will burn your hair!

3. Comb Chase Method – If you have tight kinky curls, you may want to opt for the Comb Chase Method for smooth silkier results. The Comb Chase Method is achieved by running a specialized heat resistant chase comb or fine tooth comb through your hair simultaneously along with a flat iron.

2. Keep your appliances clean – Old, hardened, build-up of products on flat irons will not only leave hair dirty but can cause damage to your hair.

1. Say goodbye to flyaways! – Are pesky flyaways an issue? Simply smooth Tweek on your problem areas to help control the frizz and off you go!

Fear no more curlies – With proper maintenance and care of your curly tresses, in addition to using the right products, safe heat styling is possible!