Top Five Tools Every Curly Needs
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Top Five Tools Every Curly Needs

Most curly girls’ bathrooms are a cross between an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive and the aftermath of a tsunami. With curly hair, escaping from the bathroom with anything better than a poodle’s coif takes an army of products and tools. Let’s take a look at the top five tools for perfect curls.


1. Diffuser: Don’t even think about blow-drying your curls without a diffuser! These claw-like tools attach to your blow dryer and maintain the moisture in your hair while drying. Direct heat from a blow dryer dries curly hair unevenly which not only damages the curls, but creates frizzy hair. Diffusers literally diffuse the heat from blowing directly onto the curls by making the air distribute over a wider area of hair, resulting in beautiful frizz-free curls which are perfectly dry. When purchasing a diffuser, look for one that’s concave in the middle (as opposed to flat) so that curls can rest inside it and take a natural shape. As an added bonus, if your satellite dish ever breaks down, you could try using your diffuser to get a signal!


2. Wide Tooth Comb: You get one chance, and one chance only, to detangle your hair and that is when it’s soaking wet. Your curls will eat a fine tooth comb for dinner and keep it stuck on your head until it’s fully digested. Do yourself a favour and stick with a wide tooth comb that can easily glide through your ringlets and will not disturb the natural formation of the curls.


3. Microfiber Towel: Even the softest, most luxurious bath towels are enemies to curly hair. The texture of traditional towels causes friction and roughs up the hair cuticle, which contributes to a frizzy hairstyle! A microfiber towel on the other hand is gentler and soaks up the excess water while leaving definition in your curls. For best results, apply Curl Keeper Original to soaking wet hair and then use a microfiber towel to squeeze out any excess water. These gloves are made out of microfiber material and are a great way to speed up your hair drying time!


4. Clips: Clips are to curlies what a mirror is to Kanye: indispensable. Clips obviously can keep your hair away from your face for a quick curly hairstyle, but they’re particularly helpful when applying hair product. Use clips to section off your hair and apply your favourite product (ideally with a wide tooth comb). This will allow even distribution creating perfect curls!


5. Scrunchie: Some might call the scrunchie the greatest hair crime of all time. But it’s still an essential tool to perfect the pineapple method. The pineapple method is used while you sleep to protect your curls so that you wake up with hair just as beautiful as when you went to bed. Scrunchies are perfect to pile your hair on top of your head (making you look like a pineapple) without fear of breaking your hair with an elastic band. They may not be pretty, but they get the job done. Just don’t forget to take it out before you head out!

While these tools may crowd the countertop, this episode of Hoarders is sure to end on a happy note, or at least one with great hair!

Written By: Joy Gurr
Joy has been a proud curly girl all her life, that includes the awkward stages of her youth when she would brush her curls (gasp!) resulting in a huge curly puff that could rival any 80’s ‘do. Since then, Joy has tried and tested many, many hair products, styles and cuts to now be a self professed curl connoisseur. Joy is a 9 to 5 working girl living in Ottawa, Canada.