13 Curly Hair Hacks
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13 Curly Hair Hacks

Living the curly life is not always a walk in the park. Many curly girls desire to achieve the perfect curls as seen on TV, Pinterest or in your favourite beauty magazines, while remaining in the comfort of their home – but have no idea what steps to take or tools to use. Whether you have recently transitioned to your natural curls or a busy curly constantly on the go, try these 13 curly hair hacks to help make living with curls easier.


1. Clean Styling Tools –

Make sure all your styling tools are clean in order to prevent debris and product build up on your hair. Debris and product build up can cause damage to your hair.


2. Know your curl type -

It is important to determine your curl type and understand all the things you can do to manage them in the best way possible. Knowing your

curl type can also help distinguish which products work best on your hair.

3. Trade your towel for a T-shirt -

Dry hair with T-shirt or microfiber towel instead of a cotton towel to prevent tangles, hair snagging and frizz.


4. Need lift at the roots? -

Use hair clips such as Roller Jaw Clamps to help lift and add volume to your curls.


5. Diffuse hair instead of blow drying -

If you’re not aiming to blow out or straighten your curly hair, drying curly hair with a blow dryer can often lead to frizz, and prevent your curls from clumping or forming. Instead opt for diffusing your curly hair. Diffusers help to safely distribute heat evenly in order to dry your hair without disturbing the curls. An added bonus is the volume you can achieve by diffusing your curls. You can purchase an affordable universal diffuser attachment for your blow dryer.


6. Refresh your curls for Day 2 hair -

The day after wash day and styling with Curl Keeper Original, simply reactivate product using water in a spray bottle. Notice pesky flyaways? Apply Tweek, a hairspray in cream form, to any trouble areas, scrunch hair and mold your curls back to life.


7. Pineapple your curls -

To preserve your curls at night in preparation for day 2 or 3 hair style your curls in a “Pineapple”. Before bed, gather your curls at the very top of your head into a ponytail, pull a hair tie around the ponytail, and let your curls fall. If you have verylong curly hair, use a Roller Jaw Clamp to secure your ponytail and keep your curls from flopping while you sleep or use a satin bonnet to keep hair off your face.


8. Sleep on Satin -

Curly hair has the tendency to snag or break when it comes in contact with cotton fabrics. Many pillow cases and bed sheets are made of cotton. If possible, try replacing sheets and pillows with satin fabric as hair is less likely to snag on satin material. Another affordable option is to purchase a satin bonnet to sleep in.


9. Prevent clogged sinks -

Tired of clogged sinks after your routine detangling sessions? Cover sink with plastic wrap while detangling your hair for easy cleanup.


10. Redirect hair growth with a Root Brush -

Hair growth patterns are unique to each individual – just like fingerprints. Sometimes odd hair growth can result in cowlicks, double crowns, and flat spots. The most frustrating of all is when hair falls forward in your face. Use a Root Brush to repetitively brush from the root area upwards to help redirect your hair growth.


11. Opt for finger detangling -

Instead of using a regular hair brush, use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to gently detangle and style your hair. This helps to prevent breakage and preserve curl formation.


12. No knots today -

Combing from your roots to your ends can cause hair to severely tangle and break. Instead begin detangling your hair from ends and work your way up to roots to easily comb through knots.


13. Style and detangle in the shower -

When using water based styling products its best to apply them while in the shower. The steam from your shower can help activate the product in your hair and also encourage moisture to remain in your strands. Hair strands are most fragile when wet, however the hair is more flexible in this state can withstand gentle comb or finger detangling.

Wearing your hair curly does not have to be a hassle. Applying these 13 curly hair hacks to your styling routine should save you some much needed time and trouble, leaving you to enjoy living the curl life!