Fixing Curly Split Ends
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Fixing Curly Split Ends

Nobody likes bad breakups, especially if it concerns their hair. Unfortunately, split ends are a part of everyday life, unless you’re BFF’s with your hairstylist and diligently get a trim every six weeks. Don’t worry though, there is hope! Understanding why split ends appear, how to identify them and how to fix them will help you get those ends under control!


There are many reasons why split ends appear. First and foremost, our ends are the oldest part of our hair; they’ve been exposed to the most wear and as a result, they tear really easily. Some of the worst offenders to cause the hair to break include:

– Chemicals used in hair colouring, perming, or straightening.
– Frequently applying heat using blow dryers and flat irons.
– Excessive or strong shampooing.
– Brushing or combing your hair vigorously when it’s dry.

Identify and Conquer

A split end is exactly what it sounds like: the end of a hair strand that is damaged resulting in it separating into two or more fragments. Identifying split ends varies by hair type. Loose and medium curls can simply take a good look at their ends and search for little Y shapes at the base. For tight curls, seeing the split ends can be a bit more difficult. One option for tight curls is to straighten your hair (check out 10 secrets you need to know when straightening your hair) at which point seeing the small Y shapes and splits becomes more obvious. Another option is to either braid or twist your hair into even sized sections to see the splits and scraggly pieces.

When your hair has gone to splitsville, the only way to completely eliminate the split end is to cut directly above it. While there are ways to camouflage or seal the ends back together, these are only temporary fixes. If the split is not cut off, it will eventually work its way up the hair shaft and create further breakage, making your hair look dry, brittle and frizzy. If you’re looking to grow your hair, not addressing your split end immediately may result in having to cut a significant amount of hair to remove all the split ends, and get your hair looking healthy again.

Cutting your split ends is best left to a professional. If you’re ambitious enough to do it at home, make sure you use a pair of sharp hairdressing scissors (leave the craft and kitchen scissors in the drawer!)

Split up with Split Ends

Split ends can be reduced with proper hair maintenance. First, moisturizing your hair is of the utmost importance; it locks in moisture which helps prevent the hair from breaking to begin with. Try the Pure Silk Protein Moisturizing Treatment for ultra soft and strong hair.

Second, remember as curlies we should NEVER brush our hair, unless it is with a wide-tooth comb – and when it’s wet. Brushing out your hair wrecks the curl pattern, which causes frizz. Frizz leads to tangles, which leads to dullness, breakage and, ultimately, split ends. In contrast, a wide-tooth comb has enough space between the teeth to allow the hair to clump, which encourages your natural curl pattern to come through.

Finally, try to avoid heat as much as possible. If you must use a blow dryer, protect your hair using a diffuser and only dry your hair until it’s about 80% dry and then allow the rest to air dry.

Now say goodbye to split ends and hello to a harmonious life with your curls!