2014 Curl Lessons
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2014 Curl Lessons

As a long time naturalista. I didn’t think there was much more I could learn about my curls. I know what products my hair likes, I complete my styling routine with minimal effort, and I just don’t spend that much time online these days to learn about the latest in curly hair care trends.

Although it’s nice that I’ve settled in to a level of contentment with my hair, too much emphasis on routine has had its price as well. Looking back, 2014 was my year of “ok” hair – and for a woman who lives for good hair days, “ok” isn’t going to cut it in 2015.

Here’s what I learned about my hair in 2014, and my curly hair resolutions for the new year:

Never underestimate the transformative power of a trip to the salon. I don’t get my hair cut, shaped, trimmed or professionally styled very often anyway, but as a working mom of an active toddler, I kept delaying the salon appointment I usually scheduled twice a year. Looking back at pictures I took during fall 2014, I could see my hair had paid the price. Uneven lengths, faded color – my hair definitely needed some attention. I finally used a half day off from work to get a color treatment and have my stylist trim some breakage, and I looked like a new woman immediately. My healthier hair is still thanking me for it.

Don’t neglect in-home pampering. I used to look forward to my regular Sunday afternoon routine of letting a deep conditioner soak into my stressed tresses under a heat cap while I cleaned, cooked or just relaxed. I forgot to do this during much of 2014, and dry, brittle hair was the result. Even if I don’t have time to luxuriate these days, I certainly can spare 10 minutes every other week to keep my hair in great shape. Time to start slathering on some curly hair conditioner!

Embrace the “holy grail” products. In my product junkie days, I had a line item in my monthly budget for hair products alone. And for good reason – it was the early 2000s, and many of the great product lines for curly hair were just emerging. With so much choice, it was fun to experiment on my newly natural locks. Today? I couldn’t tell you much about the newest hot product or the latest popular line to hit Target, Walmart or another department store. I have 3-4 products that work well for me, and while I might be tempted to try something new, if my curls ain’t broke, why fix ‘em?

But, there’s still always room to try one more. Or two. I know, I just contradicted what I said in the last paragraph. On a recent trip to the beauty supply store, I stopped to check out the hair products and was amazed to see so many new products and lines I’d never encountered before. Any great product line has to stay fresh by introducing new items, and it doesn’t hurt to try one or two every once in a while. And just in case your holy grail gets discontinued, having a replacement can help with the transition.

My hair wants to have more fun. I love cute hats, glasses, headbands, bows and other items that give me a different look with little effort – I just have to make the effort!

Even though I’ve got my tight curly hair routine down to a science, 2014 taught me not to take it for granted and ignore the little extras that turn “ok” hair days into great ones. I’m going to be a little more creative with my hair in 2015 – and don’t be surprised if you see me scoping out the hair care aisles a little more often this year.

Written By: Shannon Shelton Miller
Since going natural in college more than 10 years ago (wow, time flies), Shannons hair journey has taken her through life in humid and dry climates, product junkie-ism, hair show modeling, wedding-hair styling and now, the world of “mom” hair. Shannon lives in Ohio with her husband and 1-year-old son, and continues to enjoy exploring the world of curly hair.