Why Having Curly Hair Rocks
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Why Having Curly Hair Rocks

After a giddy holiday season full of the three F’s – family, friends and food – January can seem a little dull. There’s no reason to stop the party though. Time to celebrate your gorgeous curls! Sometimes curlies wish their curls away – longing for straight tresses. Instead of coveting what you don’t have – embrace the beauty that is your naturally curly locks. In case you need some help, here are ten reasons why curly hair rocks:

1. Your curls make everyone jealous. It’s the tale as old as time – we always want what we don’t have, and EVERYONE wants curls. Really, it’s no wonder. It’s obvious why so many people do: Curls are striking and they elude exoticism that you don’t get with plain Jane straight hair. There’s something very satisfying knowing that you have what other people want!

2. You’re always fancy. Hands down, curly hair always looks fancier than straight hair. Even on those days when you’ve only just had enough time to take a ten minute shower and rake some Curl Keeper Original through your hair with your hands. It still looks like you’ve spent hours creating your gorgeous curly hairstyle.

3. You have an instant bond with any other curly. Curly girls automatically form part of an exclusive club bound. Whenever I meet another curly, there’s an instant bond and understanding of the workings of our hair. Conversation is easy with styling tips and tricks shared. In short, this new curly haired stranger becomes my curly soul sister.

4. Big hair – don’t care. “I want flat limp hair” – said no one ever. Curly hair has an incredible amount of volume for days giving you the sort of texture and height that is only achieved in magazines through wind machines and ten bottles of hairspray. Curly girls get it for free!

5. No tools – no problem. If you’re stuck on a desert island and only have conditioner and one styling product like Curl Keeper Original, you’re set! Your hands can be used as a very effective styling tool to detangle your hair and define your ringlets. All those brushes used by our straight hair friends would be the first thing off the island – they’re public enemy number one!

6. You can ditch the heat and save your hair. Curly hair dries best naturally with no heat, which happens to be the healthiest choice for your hair. A major bonus is that air-drying makes it faster to care for your hair: wash, style and go!

7. Your hair never looks greasy. No matter how long you wait between washes, or how much oil you load onto your hair, it will never look greasy (despite this fact – don’t put oil on your hair! Check out the Four Curl Resolutions for the New Year to find out why).

8. There’s a million different ways you can style your hair.Natural, bantu knots, protective styles, braids, buns, waves, ringlets, the list goes on. Curly hair provides a lot of versatility – even the option to straighten it (although who would want to do that?!)

9. You can relax – you won’t melt in the rain! While the rain may require a bit more Curl Keeper Original to properly handle the humidity, you can embrace the rain’s moisture as opposed to avoiding it like the plague when your hair is straight!

10. Your hair is beautiful and unique. Curly hair is beautiful in its unpredictability, and allows you to stand out in a crowd.

Once you have a routine with good quality curly hair products, maintaining curly hair is a cinch. Love yourself and your curls because they truly rock!

Written By: Joy Gurr
Joy has been a proud curly girl all her life, that includes the awkward stages of her youth when she would brush her curls (gasp!) resulting in a huge curly puff that could rival any 80’s ‘do. Since then, Joy has tried and tested many, many hair products, styles and cuts to now be a self professed curl connoisseur. Joy is a 9 to 5 working girl living in Ottawa, Canada.