3 Holiday Curly Hair Updo’s
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3 Holiday Curly Hair Updo’s

It is that time of year when you look at your day planner and realize you have a social event or party every weekend this month! This means new outfits, new shoes, nice nails and most importantly that timeless elegant holiday hairstyle that will make the room stop and stare! So we stopped in at the Curly Hair Institute, with Nezia, curl expert stylist have given us the gossip on 3 Fabulous Holiday Curly Hairstyles for you all to try!

Wet Styling:
1. First, make sure your hair is wet. Start by putting in Original Liquid Styler and brush from roots to ends.  For curl clumping, we recommend the Flexy Brush, since it's safe to use on wet hair. Use the Skip Curl Technique (check out the steps if you aren’t familiar with this technique) to help enhance the curl.

2. Once finished, tilt head backwards squishing your curls from the bottom up. Never squish into the curls. You should hear a squishing noise, if not then you need more product. Add Gel for extra hold. 

3. Take a microfiber towel and tilt head in any direction and scrunch from the bottom up, letting the curls fall into your hands. The shape of the Quick Dry Gloves makes drying and scrunching easy!

4. To give you some height, group your hair into large sections or small sections, depending on the type of curl; create a pin curl by wrapping it around your finger and clipping it up using the Roller Jaw Clamps. Leave the clips on for 10-15 minutes, then take them out and reposition them for another 10-15 minutes. Making sure to grab each section from the bottom or mid-shaft down to not disrupt the curl formation.

5. Let it air dry or dry it with a diffuser. If using a diffuser scoop the curls from the bottom up never into the curls. Once it’s dry choose one of the curly hairstyles depending on the event of occasion and your good to go!


#1 – Messy Bun

1. Part the hair into 3 sections with a styling brush, with a part on each side and one in the back. Clip the side sections so they don’t get in your way while you work with the back section.

2. Take the back section and split that into two, clipping up the top section on top of your head. Now take the section you left out and twist it and wrap it around in a bun. The first bun should be placed in the middle at the bottom near the nape of your neck. Pin it securely in place.

3. Take the left section first; if you find it is too heavy break this section in half. Twist it and wrap it into a bun overlapping on top of the first bun, again pinning it in place.

4. Take the next section, (either if you have another one on the left side or on the right) twist it and wrap it around the first two buns you already made. Continue doing this for each section, twisting and wrapping it around the entire bun creating a large messy bun. For extra height, on the last section on the top near the front wrap it loosely around your finger and make a loose knot and let it sit at the top of the bun.

5. After all sections wrapped up go around and pin to secure any sections that are falling or poking out. Lastly, add any clips or accessories to add a fun element to this style.


#2 – Quick Stylish Updo

1. Break your hair into 3 sections with a styling brush; one on each side and one in the back. Take the middle section at the back and twist it and plop it on top of the head and pin it in place.

2. Take the second section (in this case the left), twist it and cross it on to the other side (right) of the first twisted piece and pin it in place. Take the last section (right) and twist it again and cross it over to the other side (left), pinning it in place.

3. Pin any remaining pieces that may have fallen to hold in place. Take the hair on top of the head, taking a few pins to secure the hair on top so it doesn’t flop around. If you want all your hair up, take any pieces in front of the face twist up and pin. To class it up, add a decorative hair comb in the middle twist.


#3 – Braided Bun

1. Normally you wouldn’t part curly hair but for this hairstyle start by parting it closer to one side (not in the middle). If you part it on the right, start by taking all the hair from that side. Smooth it out with a styling brush to get a bit of a bend and start pinning it back to hold it in place placing the pins vertically to keep the hair from falling forward. Do the same thing on the other side, making sure all your hair is now bundled at the back.

2. Now gently grab from both sides at the top of where you started to pin and pull up slightly and pin inward on both sides to push the middle together.

3. Split the back in half and take the top half and wrap it around clockwise at the top pinning all the way around to secure it in place.

4. On the bottom section, split that into three small and take the sections on each side, wrapping it into a bun and pinning it loosely into the top or right below the top bun.

5. Take the middle section that you left down and braid it loosely. Pin it into the middle of the bun. Go around and secure the sides tighter by pulling it back slightly and pinning it, getting any pieces that may have fallen.

6. Lastly, for an extra added braided style; in the front take out a small section from the start of your part. Loosely braid this section so it wraps around the front and twine it into the back.