Q&A with Curl Stylist Janine Davis
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Q&A with Curl Stylist Janine Davis

What I love the most about Janine Davis is her happy “go with the flow” attitude, so I was excited to be able to sit down with her for a few minutes. Janine was originally born in South Africa but has been living in Thornhill, Ontario for the majority of her life. Every time I see her in the Curly Hair Institute she is always smiling and buzzing around, talking to clients and doing what she loves most…curly hair! Even though she has been a stylist for a short period of time, her passion for curly hair continues to grow as does her wealth of knowledge. So when I sat down with Janine, I asked her a few questions on how she ended up being a curl stylist:

What made you want to become a curly hair stylist?
I didn’t really plan on being a hair stylist. I was working at the Curly Hair Institute while attending university and my interest for hair continued to grow. After a few years of working here, I realized I wanted to be a hair stylist! Then I realized the one main reason I wanted to become a curly hair stylist in particular is because I have curly hair! I know what it is like to have a bad haircut, a bad shape and messy, frizzy hair. I wanted to help other people with the same problem.

What would you encourage people to NOT do with their curls?
One thing I will always tell my clients is to never brush curly hair when it is dry. You can brush it when its wet and when you come out of the shower. Secondly, when you using conditioner, try to use it only on the ends of your hair and not at the roots.

What is your most memorable moment during your career as a stylist?
When I have new clients who don’t like their hair. When they come to see me, and then they leave loving their hair…seeing them smile and feeling more confident and comfortable with their new hair- it’s the greatest feeling.

How is it to work with Jonathan Torch?
Jonathan is a great person to have as a mentor and co-worker. I did my apprenticeship with him and he has taught me so much. I don’t think I would be where I am today without him. He has such a positive attitude which makes working with him so much fun.

What is one thing you are constantly telling your clients?
I am constantly telling my clients to spend a little extra time styling the areas that are the most important. The front sections and top area of your head are what people see and if that area is styled nicely with no frizz, your hair will look perfect.

Name 3 of your Holy Grail products:
Slip Detangler, Curl Keeper and Gel

Steps on how to achieve your favorite hairstyle:
My favourite curly hairstyle always includes volume and bouncy curls. I always use the Root Brush to brush the Curl Keeper through wet hair and to also get lift at the root (I section my hair into 3 areas to make it easier). Then I scrunch some Gel to get extra hold and then diffuse with my head flipped forward to get the bouncy curls. Sometimes I use bobby pins to pin back some of the front pieces because I don’t always like hair in my face, especially when I am working with clients.

If you could have one curly hair celebrity’s hair, who would it be and why?
I’d have to say back in the day Nicole Kidman. She had long, bouncy reddish curly hair…what’s not to like?!

It’s always a pleasure to get gossip on curly hair stylist Janine, and for her to take time out of her day to sit down with me and talk to us about her curly hair journey, her do’s and don’ts, and her experiences with us! If anyone has any question for Janine, please leave them below in the comments section of this article! She would love to hear from you all! Also, if you’d like to book an appointment with Janine or any of the curly hair stylist at the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Canada or for more information on the salon, view here.