4 Beauty & Grooming Apps That You’ll Love
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4 Beauty & Grooming Apps That You’ll Love

These days, there’s an app for just about everything. Countless mobile apps can do anything today, from organizing recipes to monitoring sleep patterns. In fact, there are even apps dedicated to beauty and grooming! Here are four free beauty and grooming mobile apps that you’ll absolutely love.

#1: The Glam App
Say your hair stylist just flaked and you need to attend a wedding in two days. “The Glam App” is here to save the day. This nifty app prides itself on its ability to provide “beauty on demand” right to your door (that is, if you live in one of a dozen major US cities or London). Set up an appointment via The Glam App’s sleek interface for hair care professionals, makeup artists, and manicurists with varying degrees of pricing and expertise. Or, if you’re looking to freelance, The Glam App works as a virtual agency where you can set your own hours and build your clientele, all from your phone!

The Glam App is available via iTunes and Google Play.

#2: Hair Journal
True to its name, “Hair Journal” is an app that allows its users to journal their way through their hair-raising adventures. You can track your hair growth via photos and diary entries, enjoy its built-in Facebook community features, and review your favorite (or least favorite) hair products. There’s even a way to enter in multiple hair profiles, making it easier for hair care professionals who want to keep track of their clientele’s unique preferences.

Hair Journal is available via iTunes and Google Play.

#3: Beautylish
If you have a craving for all things beauty, check out Beautylish. This delicious little app is the Pinterest of hair and beauty, only better. Beautylish is beautifully designed, easy to use, and has a little something for everyone. Look up thousands of brand-name beauty and grooming products before shopping via Beautylish’s various boutiques. Check out tips and tricks from the application’s top influencers, and discover what’s new in hair and beauty through the application’s trend recaps. Or, if you’re looking for something more hands-on, Beautylish offers forums and step by step videos so you can DIY your way through a new ‘do.

Beautylish is available via iTunes and Google Play.

#4: Think Dirty
When you first come across Think Dirty, don’t think too dirty. In fact, this mobile app helps its users find cleaner, healthier beauty and personal care products. As a product comparison app, Think Dirty offers unbiased information on various beauty and cosmetic products by breaking down potentially toxic ingredient lists in a user-friendly format. Over the years, Think Dirty has won the praise of various news outlets and organizations for promoting consumer education including the It’s a Start Competition Grand Prize by Digifest Toronto in 2012.

Think Dirty is available via iTunes and is currently in closed beta testing for Google Play.

Do you have a favorite beauty and grooming mobile application that’s not on our list? Don’t forget to share with us by leaving comments in the section below.