Ultimate Pre-Holiday Curly Hair Timetable
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Ultimate Pre-Holiday Curly Hair Timetable

One minute I was wistfully cruising through my favourite department store, gleefully piling my cart high with crop tops, flips flops and strapless rompers. The sweet smell of summer was in the air but before I could say pina colada, it hit me. The cold gust of winter’s chill, that is. It’s a harsh reality welcoming what feels like the longest season of the year, but before we throw ourselves a pity party, let us remember that the crisp air means that the holiday season is just around the corner! Bring on the parties and festive cheer! To help you celebrate your best holiday season ever, we’ve rounded up the ultimate pre-holiday curly hair timetable to ensure your curls are twinkling brighter than Rudolph’s nose!

A Month Before:
If you’re a month out from THE holiday party of the year, you’ve got some time to transform your curls from lifeless to luscious. Start with ensuring that your arsenal of curly hair products are helping and not hurting your hair. They should be natural and contain no silicones. Curly Hair Solution’s entire line of products meets the bill. My favourite is Curl Keeper Original, which I apply on wash day. The next day, it simply reactivates with water. The result is frizz-free curls and no product build up!

Next up, you’ll want to get your hair into a schedule of deep conditioning. Start with once a week and monitor your hair’s moisture levels. If it still feels dry, amp up the schedule to twice a week. If it’s over-moisturized (yes that can happen!) try once every two weeks. Your hair will let you know what it needs. To make sure that the deep conditioner really absorbs into your curls, use a heat cap or wrap your hair in a hot towel.

Finally, use a humidifier while you’re getting your shuteye to add moisture to your curls effortlessly!

A Week Before:
A week before your merry event, hand deliver your holiday card to your hairdresser while getting a trim and potentially refreshing your colour. While most curlies fear haircuts like cats fear cucumbers (a real thing – check Google!), regular trims are essential to healthy looking hair. If you colour, do it one week before to give your hair colour time to settle, but still be fresh. In the unlikely event of a dye-saster, you’ll still have time to correct it.

The Night Before:
With 24 hours on the clock, the time has come to seal your destiny as a curl goddess at tomorrow’s festivities! If you have tighter curls, deep condition and then try a twist-out which simply involves taking sections of your hair, dividing them in two, and then wrapping the two sections around each other from root to end. Sleep in a satin bonnet and untwist the next day for a head of beautiful coils! If your curls are on the looser side, wait until tomorrow to wash and apply Curl Keeper Original. Spend tonight sleeping on a satin pillowcase that reduces frizz and getting your beauty sleep!

Day of: 
The party is finally here! If you’ve twisted your hair, it’s time to unleash your beauty. If you’re washing your hair today, apply your products and to give your hair some extra oomph, try clipping your hair at the roots before diffusing it. This will give you a subtle lift at the crown of your head. Leave the clips in until your hair is completely dry, remove and admire your handiwork!

Parties, presents and gingerbread, oh my! Enjoy the holiday season with your well maintained natural curls and remember to keep up your new routine throughout the year!