4 Curl Resolutions for the New Year
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4 Curl Resolutions for the New Year

Happy New Year Curlies! Here at Gossip Curls, we hope everyone had a fabulous and safe holiday! While there are some who have made New Year’s Resolutions to get back into shape, eat cleaner and perhaps just being more positive, we hope there are a few of you out there who made some curl resolutions! Starting the New Year off with a game plan for you all curl types from loose to kinky curlsis important, as it gives you the chance to have a fresh start! Here are four potential curl resolutions that you may be considering and the game plan to go along with them!


Now we know this may be difficult for some to just stop using oils cold turkey. However, something important to keep in mind is that water and oils don’t mix. Oil doesn’t give your frizz control, ultimately it just coast the hair which ends up a disaster when it comes to styling. It can be difficult to reap the benefits of the ingredients of other curly hair products when the oils you use, create a build-up on the hair cuticle. This coating prevents good ingredients from penetrating the hair follicle.

GAME PLAN: Start to lessen the amount of oils that you use and minimize the areas you use them to start off. For example, instead of using oils from roots to ends, why not limit it to just your ends and eventually phase them out?

While we curlies love the versatility our gorgeous tresses have, we can’t deny that excessive heat is just overall quite damaging for our hair in general. Our ends get dry and split faster we get tons of flyaways and breakage, and this usually results in frequent trims.

GAME PLAN: After spending the year causing heat damage to your curls, it’s important in the New Year to use the right curly hair products in order to restore your natural curls. It’s important to use products that do not contain silicones (because build up becomes problematic to successful styling) and which are pH balanced for curly hair so that the products do not dry the hair out. Instead of whipping out that flat iron, do some research and then create a budget on the proper products that will help you manage your curly hairstyle with more ease.

So if you were on the fence last year to get the big chop and are still leaning towards it this year, then why not take the plunge? It takes a lot of courage to do the “big chop” but it’s the easiest way to start from scratch and really get to know your hair texture up close and personal. A fresh start will not only make you feel good about rocking your natural self but it can be a life changing experience and give you that confidence you’ve always wanted.

GAME PLAN: Get in touch with others in the natural hair realm and find out how they went about their “big chop” and transition phase. Get some good tips, watch videos and sign up to forums and chat rooms! The more information you have the calmer you will be when it comes time to cut! It’s helpful to have support from your natural curl friends and family, especially ones that understand what you are going through. And definitely be sure to have the right products lined up to start using them right away!

Okay, so you aren’t ready for the “big chop” just yet and would prefer a less dramatic resolution like ditching your chemical treatments. Making this change will be very beneficial for your hair, as we all know just how damaging chemical treatments can be on our curls. No matter how long you have been getting chemical treatments it will take some time for your curls to bounce back, but don’t lose hope because it can happen!

GAME PLAN: Swear an oath to not get anymore perms or relaxers! Instead focus more on proper curly hair care by reading blogs and gathering information. Patience is very important as this process takes time. So although you may have some tough curl days, try just taking it day by day. Discover what products work best to maintain your hair texture to help you along the way. Feeding your curls with the right products will help push your curls back to optimal health. No matter what your resolution, be diligent and determined to make 2015 a healthy, happy and curl positive year!