How to Rock Short, Curly Hair with Style and Confidence
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How to Rock Short, Curly Hair with Style and Confidence

So you’ve decided to embrace your natural curls and went for the big chop. The day you cut off all those relaxed ends was exciting and liberating. Congratulations! However, going from any type of length to super-short hair is a drastic change and can do a number on your confidence. But doing a big chop doesn’t mean you have to hide under a hat until it grows out. Here’s how you can rock that short, beautiful hair with plenty of spunk and style!

Hair Accessories: It’s amazing how the right hair accessory can transform your look and your mood. Tie a bright, printed scarf around your head like a headband for a little seventies flare. Pin a big flower in your hair before stepping out for that weekend lunch. A sparkly headband is perfect for a night out, or slick back one side of your hair with a clip for a professional work look. There are so many different ways you can use accessories to spice up your hair, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to do it! Go to your local Goodwill store to find vintage scarves, or hit up stores like Forever21 for trendy clips and headbands.

Trendy Makeup: If you’ve been dying to wear a cat-eye or try out the latest bright lip color then this is the perfect opportunity. With short curly hair, there’s nothing to hide behind so take advantage of that and let your face make a statement. Hop onto Youtube and try your hand at some tutorials or take a trip to your local Sephora and get a mini makeover. Not only will all of this help take your mind off your hair, you can brush up on your makeup skills! Your short hair will compliment it perfectly!

The Right Hair Products: You chose to give up the relaxer so you can embrace the curls you were born with. If they look anything less than their best, there’s no way you can rock them with confidence. That’s why it’s important to use the right curly hair products. Using a deep conditioning treatment like Pure Silk Protein gives your hair the moisture it needs to feel soft and have plenty of shine. Make sure your curls stay fresh and bouncy with a product that holds them in place without the product buildup that can weight them down (Curl Keeper Gel is perfect for that!). Finally, keep the frizz away by using a product like the Curl Keeper Original every few days to block out humidity.

The Right Attitude: At the end of the day, your hair is yours, and it’s just as beautiful as you are. You may not see that now but having the right attitude (even if you’re faking it!) can take you a long way. Before you know it you’ll have a full head of hair. When it’s taking you longer than an hour to wash and style it, you’ll be wishing it was short again. Trust me!