5 Must Have Curly Accessories
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5 Must Have Curly Accessories

Sometimes I feel like our straight hair counterparts have it easy compared to us curly gals. When it comes to straight hair, accessories like blow dryers, flat irons, teasing comb, hairspray, bobby pins and gives them pin straight perfection. Having naturally curly hair is a completely different story, though: We have very specific accessories that can make or break our style, or our curls for that matter! For sake of maintaining perfect curls here are a few must have curl accessories for every curl far and wide:

diffuser1. A Diffuser: 
This may or may not be common knowledge, but if you have curly hair and are just using a blow dryer to dry your hair, after it’s styled, you are going to get a whole lot of frizz! Having a diffuser is a definitely number one curl must have. All diffusers will provide a more controlled air flow allowing you to dry your curls. You wont have to worry about them blowing about. The diffuser reduces frizz significantly because we all know movement creates frizz. For more information on how to diffuse curls, check out our recent article – Do’s and Don’ts of Diffusing that gives you some great tips for those new to diffusing.

scrunchies2. A Scrunchy:
You wouldn’t believe how much it helps to keep your curls in a “do not disturb” position while you sleep and working out. The key thing with using a scrunchy with curly hair is that your curls do not have direct contact with the elastic; the fabric helps to reduce demarcation lines in the curls in turn helping to maintain the shape of the curl. Most elastic hair ties tend to be much too tight, causing curls to be prone to breakage and indents in the style.

silkbonnet3. Silk Bonnet: 
I would highly recommend this lifesaving accessory to all curl types. Silk Bonnets are designed to protect you style and curls while you sleep. Many have sworn to using one of these and say that it even helps to protect the ends of their hair if they are restless at night. We often underestimate how delicate our tresses are, so when we roll around on our pillows, we could potentially be causing damage without realizing it. An alternative to the bonnet is a silk or satin pillowcase.

comb4. Comb:
Now before you sprint away in a panic screaming “devil” let me explain. We naturally lose 100 hairs a day and if they don’t magically fall out on their own, they build up creating tangles. Investing in the right tools is crucial for curly heads, so choosing the right comb is important since we don’t want to use a comb that will damage our hair. You want the bristles of the brush to be nylon as they more flexible and prevent snags rather than creating them. Further, nylon bristles themselves are very gentle on the scalp compared to other materials. Not having the right comb can really destroy your curls as bristles made from metal or plastic will not only snag but break your hair, best to stick with nylon.

clips5. Clips:
Depending on how long, thick or fine your curls are, you need to find some clips that will not only hold a section in place but also not catch the hair and snap it when you remove them. This can be tricky as you don’t want the clips to be heavy either since that will flatten all your hard styling work. That is why Curly Hair Solutions Roller Jaw Clamps are very fitting. They are small, light-weight and lift from the root area of the hair to help create a bit of volume. For those of us with a looser curl, a tool like this is vital since we can at times lack volume and need a bit more reinforcement in flatter areas.

Having the proper tools can make a world of difference when we are attempting to tame “the beast”. When you possess the right tools, they each do a job thus leaving you with a great, long lasting style that is in the words of Samantha Jones “simply fabulous!”

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