Short Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch
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Short Curl Makeover by Jonathan Torch

To understand different curl patterns, types, textures and lengths, you need different tools, products and overall understanding of how each and every curl is, or can, different. The man who understands this the most is Jonathan Torch, owner of the Curly Hair Institute in Toronto, Canada.

Patrizia has colour treated rich brown hair with a loose to medium curl pattern that has a soft, fine texture. The deep “S” formation in her curls, allows her to get the perfect bounce from her short hair. She has the best of both worlds as she has bangs but she also looks great with her hair off her face.

Find out how Jonathan got the best of her short curls and what advice and tips he has for those of you who have similar curl texture and length.

What products did you use to achieve this look and how did you use each product?

1. First I washed Patrizia’s hair with RevUp Volumizing Shampoo and then sprayed a generous amount of the Slip Detangler to enable hassle free detangling of any the knots either at the ends of her hair or working upwards near the root.

2. After her curls were combed out and still quite wet, I applied some Silk Leave-in Conditioner to soften a few wiry sections of her hair where the cuticle was slightly rougher.


3. Then applied a generous amount of Curl keeper in her hair, making sure to get it from the roots to ends. I used the Root Brush for a lift at the root area and combed her hair in the opposite direction of her hair growth to get the lift needed. Shaping her curls was as simple as having her lean forward and flip her hair forward while scrunched her hair repeatedly for a good minute.

4. To support the curl formation after I finished scrunching, I used the Roller Jaw Clips, placed in the areas where Patrizia needed the most volume which was at the front and crown area.

5. Lastly to ensure a bit of extra volume, I sprayed extra RevUp! Volumist while diffusing her hair with a hot sock diffuser. Once the hair is surface dry, I instructed her to shake and play with her curls to create movement that will build volume while controlling frizz.

If you are short on time when styling what are a few tips you would give to achieve this look?

The most important thing to note when styling short fine curls is to put all your energy in the preparation stage as opposed to the drying stage (e.g., brushing, scrunching, and clipping). Use a damp towel to remove excess moisture from hair while avoiding movement that might disrupt curls. I would recommend using a Bonnet Hood Dryer; always start on cool because the dryer will heat up fast.


What are the most common misconceptions of her curl type/pattern?

Some people have the idea that loose curls  are for longer hair styles, and that it would be easier to have shorter hair. Another misconception with short curls is that it is difficult to achieve volume and bounce. People with looser curls and fine hair that want to attain volume should avoid heavy conditioning since it weighs down the hair at the top and crown areas. Fine hair doesn’t need to be as heavily conditioned as some other curl types so this is something to keep in mind.

What problems can this particular curl type face?

Over moisturizing and conditioning with heavier oils will certainly flatten short loose curl patterns and can create frizz. It’s a good idea to avoid over processing with chemicals, relaxers, and strong dyes because finer loose curls are more fragile and prone to damage easier. Because of this it is also best to eliminate the use of extreme high heated appliances, irons, and blow dryers because it will make the hair weak and brittle.

How do you maintain this curl type?

By putting clips on dry hair it will continue to support volume, particularly at the root area. Using Tweek, a hairspray in a cream form, will help to fix flat spots and build volume and support. As well, adding water to any frizzy area reactivates the Curl Keeper and immediately gives you total frizz control.

If you have similar curls, style and texture and have questions, please comment below this post so we can answer them for you!