5 Reasons Why Men Should Embrace Their Natural Curls
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5 Reasons Why Men Should Embrace Their Natural Curls

Women aren’t the only ones who don’t embrace their curls. Men are often left thinking that their curls just aren’t what they want resting atop their gorgeous heads. So they cut or shave it all off, or they reach for the straightening iron.
But guess what, guys? It’s time to start celebrating those curls! If you’ve been thinking about skipping the razor, but aren’t sure if you want to take that final step, read on for our list of five great reasons why it’s time to embrace your natural curls.

1. You’ll stand out from the crowd. Less than 20% of people have naturally curly hair. The percentage gets even smaller when you consider the scores of guys out there who don’t embrace their curls. If you’re looking for something to help you stand out—and look dashing while doing it—then it’s time to go natural.

2. It’s super easy to style. I can hear you worrying: “But I don’t want to spend all morning getting ready.” You don’t have to! Heck, you don’t even have to brush your hair when you let it go natural. Just a little bit of product, like Curl Keeper Original, after stepping out of the shower is enough. Most guys can’t sport such great-looking curly hairstyles with such little effort. Consider yourself lucky!

3. You’ll be in the same company as Adrian Grenier, John Legend and Kit Harington. There are some seriously handsome guys out there who embrace their curls. (Not everyone has decided to ditch their curls like Justin Timberlake!) If you’re ever feeling bad about your curls, just think about these guys. After all, it’s always cool to have something in common with the likes of Lenny Kravitz.

4. Everyone will want to touch your curls. Nothing attracts people like curly hair. Sure, you could bring your puppy to the park to meet girls, but your curly hair will work just as well. Like moths to a flame!

5. You’ll inspire envy from those around you. When you ask your straight-haired friends, there’s one common thread: they wish they had your curls. This grass-is-always-greener attitude is rampant when it comes to hair. Embrace the envy and love your natural curls!

The next time you’re fresh out of the shower, make a promise to yourself to try your natural, manly curls for the rest of the day. We promise you’ll feel great by the end of it!

Written by: Trisha Bartle
Trisha, while born with curly hair, didn’t embrace her natural loose curls until she was 20. Her reaction? “Why didn’t I have my hair this way the whole time?!” You can find Trisha at her acclaimed beauty blog, Makeup Files. She lives amidst the mountains of Montana.