Beach Curls Makeover
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Beach Curls Makeover

Liz has fine hair that forms into a loose curl. The more work she puts into styling her hair, the more of a curl she ends up with – so she can switch between wearing a looser curl or a tighter curl. If she wants a loose wave then she only needs to do minimal work during the styling phase. Because Liz’s hair is so fine it may not look like it could support much of a style when it’s wet, but with the correct combination of products, her curls have the ability to maintain a fabulous style for days.

What products did you use to achieve this look?

1.We started off by washing with RevUp! Shampoo to give her more lift and volume at the root. We then used the Slip Detangler as a lightweight leave-in conditioner to remove all the tangles from her hair.

2. Next, we added a copious amount of Curl Keeper Original from roots to ends to achieve total frizz control. We made sure to fully comb it through to ensure the product is distributed evenly.

3. (Optional) To achieve more of a defined curl, we broke her hair up into sections and twisted each section individually. Once this was done, we scrunched each section to enforce the curl formation.

4. Lastly, we misted Curl Keeper Beach Mist onto wet hair and then diffused her hair until it was completely dry. To finish the look, we added 2-3 more mists of the Curl Keeper Beach Mist for final touch-ups. One of the great benefits of using Curl Keeper Beach Mist is that it is able to draw moisture into her hair to give her that sexy beachy wave.


Are there any particular techniques you find work with this curl type better than others and why?


Scrunching the hair while drying was quite effective when her hair was still slightly damp. Another trick we used to style Liz’s hair was to heat her hair as much as possible while a hood dryer or diffuser, then while her hair started cooling down, we scrunched and squeezed the hair to firm the curls.

If you are short on time when styling what are a few tips you would give to achieve this look?

We recommend using the Roller Jaw Clamps while the hair is still considerably damp, and make sure to move the diffuser around the top area where the clips are placed. This will help to achieve a fuller and more voluminous curly hairstyle!

What problems can this particular curl type face?

Liz has extensively coloured her hair, so the chemicals used have caused her curls to fall and become weakened. Colouring her hair might lead to dryness, so making sure to give her a good moisturizing treatment from time to time would be a great idea. The elasticity of the hair has to be restored by using a strengthening shampoo, such as Treatment Shampoo, along with minimal use of heat styling tools and proper products.

If you have similar curls, style and texture and have questions, please comment below this post so we can answer them for you!