Academy Awards Curly Hairstyle
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Academy Awards Curly Hairstyle

n light of the 84th Annual Academy Awards last Sunday, one of the highlights of the entire event is looking at all the beautiful celebrity hairstyles.  From well defined, sculpted loose curls, brushed-out curls and sleek curly hair up do’s, these looks were captivating as Hollywood’s celebrities walked the red carpet this year. Romantic yet laid back curly hairstyles can be easily accomplished by loose curls that are gathered up into a half up/half down hairstyle, just like Melissa McCarthy, who opted for a simple but glamourous look.
Follow these steps to re- create Melissa McCarthy’s Oscar curls for your own evening of elegance using the Curly Hair Solutions™ curly hair product line:
Step 1: After washing, conditioning and detangling your hair, apply Curl Keeper™ from root to tips in your hair and scrunch well. You may add in some gel if you have a looser curl and want to ensure extra hold for the night.
Step 2: For faster drying time, diffuse the hair while continuing to scrunch your curls/waves into an “S” formation until the hair is dry. Once dry, to create added volume, flip your head over and shake out your curls using your hands. Be careful not to finger comb too much as you may lose curl definition.
Step 3: Gather your hair in a loose ponytail located just above the nape of your neck. You can take a loose strand of the ponytail and wrap it around the elastic and bobby pin it so it’s not visible.
Step 4: Take a few 1-2 inch sectioned curls, loop and pin them slightly above the ponytail and at each side, while leaving some longer strands to hang where they are.
Follow this step-by-step guide on how to achieve this beautiful, sassy look for any special or elegant occasion.