Celebrity Curly Hairstyles
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Celebrity Curly Hairstyles

Loose flowing curls, mermaid-like waves and crafted coils are all the rage on the red carpet these days, as textured hair is increasingly taking center stage at some of the world’s most glamorous venues.
From the Oscars to the Emmys, Grammys and Juno Awards, many of today’s hottest stars are forgoing their flat irons on the biggest nights of the year to either create soft, flowing curls or enhance the ones they already have.
Here are some of our favorite curly hairstyles from across the texture spectrum – from the up-and-comers and trendsetters of the recent past to the now-iconic stars whose hair we’ve grown to know and love.
Nicole Kidman Curly Hairstyle 
Nicole Kidman: Who can forget those cascading strawberry blonde ringlets? Whether long or cropped, Kidman’s hair always left quite the impression. This Aussie star has gone for a smoother, wavier look recently, but you can have both. For the tight curl pattern, use more Curl Keeper and move hair around after it begins to dry. For the looser look, adding Extenzz to Curl Keeper will loosen tighter curls for a longer look.  
Taylor Swift Curly Hairstyle
Taylor Swift: The blonde curls on America’s country-pop sweetheart make her even more endearing to her already devoted fans. If you have a loose curl or wave, get Swift’s style through a mix of Curl Keeper for frizz control and Gel for added hold and support.  ReMane Straight for safe straightening is a cinch.
Viola Davis Curly Hairstyle 
Viola Davis: The Oscar-nominated star of “The Help” wouldn’t have made this list before her appearance at the 2012 Academy Awards. That’s when she got rid of her signature wigs and showed off her natural curly hair – enhanced with reddish brown color – on the red carpet. Get this short cropped look with liberal amounts of Curl Keeper and Silk Leave-In Conditioner and you’re ready to go.  


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Written By: Shannon Shelton Miller
Since going natural in college more than 10 years ago (wow, time flies), Shannons hair journey has taken her through life in humid and dry climates, product junkie-ism, hair show modeling, wedding-hair styling and now, the world of “mom” hair. Shannon lives in Ohio with her husband and 1-year-old son, and continues to enjoy exploring the world of curly hair.