An Instant Success: The making of Spray Gel
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An Instant Success: The making of Spray Gel

Listening to our customers is one thing we do really well.  Our customer relationships are sacred and they keep us focused on the needs of our 'Curl-friends'. Our latest product, Spray Gel came to life because we wanted to address many of the issues that our Curly customer were's been amazing!

Here is a quick Q and A about the making of Spray Gel.

Q1: Why did we develop a spray gel for curly hair?A1: We developed a spray gel for curly hair to address the needs of individuals with curly hair who often struggle with time-consuming styling routines. Our aim was to provide a convenient and time-saving solution for achieving well-defined, frizz-free curls (with added hold).Q2: How does our spray gel save time?A2: Our spray gel eliminates the need for multiple hair products by combining the benefits of a gel and a spray in one. This means curlies can achieve their desired curly hairstyle quickly and efficiently, without the hassle of applying too many products.Q3: What makes our spray gel easy to use?A3: Our spray gel comes in a convenient spray bottle, allowing for effortless and even distribution throughout the hair. This eliminates the need for time-consuming application methods.Q4: What sets our spray gel apart in terms of ingredients?A4: Our spray gel is formulated with nourishing ingredients such as panthenol (pro vitamin B5) and Glycerin, our Spray Gel is gentle and protects your hair, and won’t leave any sticky residue. It’s also free from harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, and silicones, making it safe for everyday use. This ensures that our product not only styles but also cares for the hair.Q5: How does our spray gel provide lightweight and water-based benefits?A5: Our spray gel is water-based, which means it is lightweight and does not weigh down the hair. This allows for natural movement and bounce, ensuring that curls remain voluminous and free-flowing throughout the day. Additionally, the water-based formula makes it easy to wash out, leaving no residue behind.  This ensures that the Spray Gel will work over and over again!

You spoke, we listened.  The Spray Gel, has become an instant success and we want to say thank you for a great launch!

Learn more or purchase Spray Gel here.