Seasonal Hair Loss Explained + Tips to Keep Hair Loss to a Minimum
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Seasonal Hair Loss Explained + Tips to Keep Hair Loss to a Minimum

When the seasons change, we often think about two things: our wardrobes and allergies. For some people, however, this transition can also lead to hair loss and shedding, which for many, is scary, but also ...really common.  Here's why it happens.

It's Part of a Seasonal cycle
For most months, a healthy human sheds about 100 hairs daily. However, for a few weeks in the spring and fall we can lose up to 150 hairs a day!  The reason? Our hair growth cycle aligns with the seasons in nature.  That's why we associate hair shedding with seasons...pretty interesting right? It's a phenomenon that isn't widely understood yet but researchers found that a study showed that our hair rests in the telogen phase (the resting phase - before new growth) in summer and enters the exogen phase (or the shedding phase) in fall—and spring.

The Nature of Curly Hair
Due to the beautiful complexities and natural twists of curls and coils, hair shedding may look worse for curlies because strands will accumulate in the hair by hooking or looping onto other strands and not just slipping and falling out as they do with straight hair.  Curlies usually have to brush and detangle hair to remove these loose strands.  The shock that we feel when we see these clumps of 200-300 hairs at a time can freak us out but know that this is just an accumulation of fallen hair. 
Detangling is a must to minimize hair loss
A good detangler is essential to keep hair fresh and tangle-free but also to keep hair loss to a minimum. Curl Keeper detanglers do just that.  Of course, this is based in science (as is most of what we do). Here's how: Curl Keeper detanglers are designed to shut open cuticles and soften hair for easy combing, which means less pulling, less breakage, and less forced hair loss. There’s a chemical reaction that takes 30 seconds to adjust the pH balance of the hair and close the cuticles.  Try Slip for daily detangling to keep strands light and bouncy or the NEW Slip+ Extreme Detangling Jelly for tighter stubborn knots! A big benefit to both is that they are water-based and dry super-clean so no need to be rinsed out.
Scalp Fitness
Another thing that you should do to encourage hair growth is exercise your scalp.  Tight scalp is a major cause of hair loss.  Pay attention to when and what makes your scalp tight.  Usually stress, gravity, and even a sinus infection can cause this. When your scalp feels tight, lightly massage in a circular motion. Feel the tingling?  Yep, this easy move will drastically improve blood circulation and increase blood flow which feeds the new hairs. Try this daily and you will notice the scalp get looser and healthier. good brush can also help with massage and detangling at the same time. A two-in-one solution!
Scalp Detox
Another step you can do to minimize hair loss is to make sure your scalp is clean and detoxed. Heavy and greasy oil-based ingredients often build up on the scalp and block the flow of healthy hair-growing sebum(natural scalp oil) and can also clog pores so hair can't make it through to grow properly. A good scalp exfoliation will really benefit the scalp by removing build-up and creating a healthy foundation to grow hair. Another important detox step is to shampoo the scalp and hair with an energizing and fortifying product.  Curl Keeper's Energizing shampoo is packed with Himalayan crystal salts and other ingredients that are amazing for scalp to create the best hair-growing environment. 
So please do not fret if you see some extra hairs go down the drain this spring. As with most things in nature, hair is on a cycle, and comes and goes because it's meant to.
Jonathan Torch