Ask the Expert: How Does a Client Achieve Salon Results at Home?
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Ask the Expert: How Does a Client Achieve Salon Results at Home?

With Frizz Off Founder and Curl Guru for Over 20 years, Jonathan Torch

So you’ve done this fabulous ‘do for your client and she’s in love with it, but she mutters, “I’ll never be able to duplicate this at home”

Q. How does a client achieve salon results at home? Can it be taught so I can achieve the flawless salon look on my own?
A. The success of having great curly hair totally depends on a client’s ability to style their hair by themselves. Cutting curly hair properly only contributes to half of the client’s hair success. The other half is just as important and learning how to manage and maintain each curl on your own.
Your success relies on using the proper products together with the learned and practiced techniques.

It takes time and careful explanation to teach each and every client, on an individual basis, the unique tricks that will help them achieve the best curl formation to suit their style.
Using our award winning Curl Keeper products gives me the assurance that no matter how bad a case of frizzy hair you have, you will easily combat all frizz and leave hair feeling clean and natural.

The biggest challenge to overcome is that no two curls are alike. Although there is only one product to combat frizz, each curl type requires several unique techniques on exactly how to use Curl Keeper to its fullest potential.

Teaching and providing all of our clients with as much knowledge possible is an essential part of each and every appointment. At every appointment we try to teach by providing tips that can easily be incorporated into their styling regime. The process starts immediately as soon as the client sits down and before their hair is even shampooed – some clients even need lessons how to shampoo correctly. Our mission is to educate every client on how easy it is to style their hair themselves, giving them total style management every day. Asking questions on issues you struggle with is welcomed and encouraged.

We have discovered that in a fairly short period of time, our clients can learn to easily create the same hairstyles as we do. Learning curly style management is fantastic when our clients know what to expect. The end results are only visible after all the steps have been completed. Learning how long to wait before blow-drying is critical. Knowing when to play, when to add movement, when to use hair diffusers, and which curly hair styling products will work best for them is all part of the step-by-step process. For those with curly hair, focus most of your efforts on preparation BEFORE the blow-drying begins.

Learning when and how to touch curls, how to sleep on curls and how to restyle curls so that days two, three and four are great hair days is of key importance when it comes to making a great hair-do last!

Teaching these lessons takes extra time so we always book hour long appointments to make sure every client has the confidence to combat any fears that they have built up over their styling life.

At the end of the day amazing curly hair comes down to asking your stylist questions, using the proper products for your hair and practicing your technique.