Curly Hair Color Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall
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Curly Hair Color Trends That Will Be Huge This Fall

New and elegant hair color trends are on the horizon and you might wonder if there’s something for you! Well, here is a list to select from:


The hair color trend that never dies, liked for the way it sparkles in the light and how chocolate hues cast contrasted shadows. This style is on the top list of every hairstylist who won’t hesitate in suggesting it. It’s versatile enough to provide a perfect transition from summer highlights to darker fall shades.

Jet Black

All black everything can be daring, but that dark black inky shade remains one of the coolest hair transformations a person can make to their look. But be careful if you’re a natural blond: dying your curly hair black might require dying your eyebrows to match.

Icy Grey

This trendy hair color trend isn’t for everyone, and is typically reserved for more adventurous ladies that aren’t worried about bleaching already weak curls. Fortunately, stylists have been able to arrange this color without damage from bleach and other chemicals. Maintain your icy shiny grey from turning brassy using Curly Hair Silk Shampoo and Pure Silk Protein moisturizing treatment from Curly Hair Solutions.

Color Melting

If you are looking for a simple yet stunning curly brown look, here’s your solution. This style creates a multi-dimensional effect on your hair by blending several tones to create a natural look that reflects various hues of light flawlessly.

Tiger Eye Balayage

This gorgeous color trend is the new blonde. It’s a cool and melted combination of bronze, gold and dark brown stripes that are “painted” directly onto your hair to create a tasteful rainbow of colours that enhances your natural curls.

How to Battle The Texture Struggles of Colored Curly Hair

When you color your hair, it’s bound to suffer some chemical damage. Typically, it takes between 2 to 7 days following a treatment for your hair to settle and relax into the desired color.

After dying, your hair gets excessively dry, which can affect the shape of your curls. To alleviate dryness, conditioning treatments such as Curly Hair Solutions Conditioner can revive your curls.

Use the following tips to maintain your hair’s health following an amazing dye job.

Know Your Options

Based on your hair type, dyes high in chemical content can dehydrate and damage your curly hair. Permanent hair color can be particularly damaging because it penetrates into the strand and denies your curls of moisture and nourishment. Experts advise that unless your hair needs the strength of a permanent color change, a semi, demi, or temporary color is most appropriate.

Always Seek Professional Help

Applying color on curly hair requires an expert. The inherent dryness and fragility of your curly hair makes it important to select the right salon professional and product to bring out the best in your curls. You should always give your hair deep treatment with Curly Hair Solutions Pure Silk Protein before coloring.

Use Great Care

Introducing colour dries out most hair types. One way to boost moisture in dyed strands is to rehydrate with quality products. Frizz Off offers an award winning line of products to help repair and maintain healthy hair. Curly Hair Solutions Treatment Shampoo does an amazing job of strengthening hair. Curly Hair Solutions Pure Silk Protein will offer unmatched protection against any further breakage and will provide much needed moisture back into the hair. Pairing these two products together will work wonders on your colored curly hair and give you back that S shape to your bouncy locks.