Ask the Expert: new style for your curls
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Ask the Expert: new style for your curls

With Frizz Off Founder and Curl Guru for Over 20 years, Jonathan Torch

Q. Can you please help me with a new style for my curls? I just retired from the ARMY, my hair is shoulder length and curly. For 22 years I have put it up tight and weighed it down with gel. I am ready for a new me. I am getting ready to look like a lady again and would love to define my curls.  I am in the San Antonio area and haven’t found a hair stylist that works with curls.  Would love your input.

A. Deciding on a style is quite a challenge as there are so many options. The research that you are doing is a positive step in the right direction.
Here’s where you should start:

Identify your face shape (Round, Square. Diamond, Oval).

Learn how to control your frizz. Look into curly hair styling products, curly hair shampoo, curl conditioners. I suggest our Curl Keeper product line. Curl Keeper will bring out your natural curl patterns. We have so many videos to teach you how to get your curls the best they can be. How to achieve extra volume, fix flat spots and how to evenly control uncontrollable wiry dry patches.

Once you have learned how to achieve curl management and frizz control, you can begin deciding on the perfect design to cut your curls. Analyze and understand your bulky sections and soon it will be easy to identify where you need to add volume and where you need to reduce volume.

Deciding on the best length is critical, as you have to consider that on your plan “B” style day you might need extra length to pull your hair back into a pony tail. Remember shorter hairstyles are not necessarily easier to manage.

I recommend starting a collection of pictures of curl styles you like. Try matching the models curl type to your own. You have to be as realistic as possible and you don’t have to book for your haircut right away. The consultation is the first step.

Arrive at the salon prepared and have lots of photos of what styles you love. It’s also best to have your hair styled how you normally wear it. Your hairstylist will be able to visualize easier once they see exactly how your curls look and your ability to style them.

Sometimes, just book for a shampoo and blow-dry (curly style). That way there is no commitment involved and you will know immediately if the stylist has a passion for curly hair. You don’t want someone who is not passionate or qualified cutting your curly hair!